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Consumer Protection & Regulation Matter: Meals Served in America’s Schools

Meals served in American’s Schools was the reading that caught my attention. Nearly 32 million kids that participate in school meal programs every school day, with the changes done by the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act those kids will now have healthier lunches at a school. Each student who participates in the meal program is offered fruits, vegetables, and more grains. They will also have portion size and calorie counts to keep a healthy weight. This is very important because this will determine the future health of our families and love ones (USDA Unveils Historic Improvements to Meals Served in America’s Schools 2017).

Today kids are eating more fruits and vegetables since the act was placed. 90 percent of the schools reported that they were able to meet the updated nutrition standard and schools revenue has gone up when the original thought was that the standards were going to cost them more (FACT SHEET: Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act School Meals Implementation 2017).

I believe that we are protected as a consumer because due to the act many schools change their lunches and allowed them to have an increased revenue instead of costing them. This would make the schools continue to stay in this program because there is a huge benefit for them and also allowing them to give the kids healthy meals.

The act was implemented a year before I came to Central and I saw that there was a huge change in our meals at school. The Same food was provided from the previous years except it tasted different. The pizza was very popular the previous years but because of the act, it was made healthier causing students not to go to that line. I knew there was going to be a change because it was under Michelle Obama “Lets Move!” campaign. But I did not know that the schools had the option to follow this program.

I would recommend looking at http://www.ncsl.org/research/human-services/healthy-hunger-free-kids-act-of-2010-summary.aspx because they would explain more about the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act and provides other information that will help the kids and the community. Currently, this is helping the kids have a healthy lunch and breakfast but because the food does not taste well many kids will go off campus to eat or bring junk food to school to replace the food they are given. This falls on the school if they want to allow the students to leave off campus for lunch. We as the consumers need to talk to our family and love ones and let them know that the food that is being provided for them is healthy and help them keep a healthy diet.

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Consumer Protection & Regulation Matter Motor Vehicles

After reviewing multiple consumer protection and regulation prompts I found to be most interested in an article that has to do with automobile safety recalls and what our government is doing to keep us aware and safe from what could potentially become life threatening in regards to faulty automobile equipment. This issue is of particular importance because it is a huge risk to families and many others that own vehicles that are and have potential problems. As a Toyota owner I remember receiving a recall letter stating they were having a recall on many Toyota models due to some technical issues and it’s my belief that they did what they could to at least identify the problem and try to fix it.

It is my belief that as a consumer of potentially harmful vehicles I feel that I am unsafe depending on the issue that is being addressed. In this particular article the Toyota Motor Corporation recalled and temporarily stopped selling new and used Toyota models due to the gas pedals sticking. The gas pedal sticking is of great danger to society in many cases. Depending on which major highway they are on it could and may have a potential for death and injury. As a consumer you will not know if your vehicle has any issues because the dealers have assured you that everything is up and running correctly. According to the Associated Press (2010) “Toyota has recalled 4.2 million vehicles worldwide because the gas pedal systems can get stuck. The company said the problem is rare and is caused by condensation that builds up in the gas pedal assembly” (Associated Press, 2010, para. 4).

In this case the law and department that we should invest some time into is that of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This agency is part of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government and it helps ensure the safety of individuals by making sure that all automakers are developing ways to improve safety standards. In March 1, 1967 the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations was passed and made it so that companies must have safety standards. This department made it so that people would be protected from faulty vehicles and their designs. In my personal experience I did not know very much about how the government conducted their duties in regards to motor companies.

In reading the article and searching for laws that apply to our safety in regards to motor companies I have reached a conclusion that we as consumers have to be aware of specific laws that are there to protect us from harm. The motor companies may not find the problem right away and they may only find it when someone gets into an accident due to a faulty vehicle. It is important to understand that there are important regulations that motor companies have to follow and most importantly the laws.


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My Intro Post!

I am a junior and this is my second quarter at Central. I am currently studying public health as my minor, and I will hopefully be majoring in film and video studies. I just recently graduated community college with my Associates in arts and sciences. I earned my degree December of last year, and I walked in the commencement ceremony last week!

I have a bad habit of spending frivolously. I choose products as I decide I want them, with little regard for long-term saving. However, I do try to save money when I’m buying particular products by choosing the version of the product that I’m looking for that is worth the least. When I’m shopping at grocery stores, I will look on each tag to make sure I’m paying the least per pound. When I’m shopping online, I check around to make sure I’m getting the best deal. So while I don’t put much thought into how much I’m spending overtime, I do think about how much money I spend on products as I choose them.

A goal of mine this quarter is to completely familiarize with the basic areas of public health and I identify which one or a few that I am very interested in. This way, I can form a better idea of what my long-term learning goals are in terms of this minor. I am also interested in learning more about our country’s complicated healthcare system, and how it will likely be affected by our new congress.

One value that I hold is respect. I think that everyone deserves some level of respect. I do not believe that everyone deserves the same amount of respect. For instance I don’t think that a murderer and a humanitarian deserve the same amount of respect. However, we as human beings deserve to be treated as such. I also hold the value of equality. I believe that all humans deserve basic human rights, regardless of how they identify or look. However, I don’t think this is a value that our society as whole has.

As Americans, we have the right to life. Meaning that we have a right to be born into this world. This does not necessarily mean that we have the right to live a comfortable life, where we all have access to the basic things that we need to be happy and healthy.  It simply means that there we have a right to be born in this country, and we have a right to stay. We also have the right to consume. There are many regulations on what can be sold to consumers, but not so many when it comes to what consumers can buy. There are regulations on certain products to protect the safety of our communities, as well as certain products that it is illegal to buy and sell. But even with those regulations, there is very little that we cannot buy if we have the money to pay for it.

I think that we all should have a right to adequate access to food, water, and shelter. This means plenty of clean water and nutritional food, and shelter that has electricity and can withstand harsh weather. Over half a million people are currently homeless in United States, and many of those people don’t have a consistent income. There are programs in place that help homeless people obtain food, but there are not enough for them to reach everyone. I also think that we all have a right to enjoy life as we please, as long as we are not hurting ourselves or anyone else. There are a variety of things that that people choose to do to make their lives more enjoyable, many of those things may be seen as strange or different by others. I think that we all have a right to enjoy our lives as we want to, regardless of how others feel about it.


First blog assignment

Hello, I am a senior at CWU and I am working on completing two undergraduate degrees, one in economics and the other in public policy with a minor in political science. Also, I am an entrepreneur and a science enthusiast. Currently I live in Cle Elum, I grew up here. However, I have only recently moved back from Colorado Springs, Colorado in order to attend school at CWU and be closer to family.

As far as the health of my consumerism, I would say it’s pretty good. One of my more recent ventures was ecommerce and other online sales strategies. Unfortunately for me, I entered the game just as the online market bubble began to collapse. So even though I lost some money on the experience I’ve learned some very valuable knowledge in regards to purchasing and how to get the most bang for my bucks.

As a human and American, I believe that every person has the right to unlimited freedom so long as it does not infringe on others freedom. Second, I believe that everyone has the right to live and exercise their unlimited freedoms as they see fit. I believe in these rights in the most libertarian sense as possible without crossing over into the realm of anarchism within the western political spectrum. There has to be, at least at some level or form, of government which could allow for such a free society and market to exist.

Not all humans get to experience real freedom, only the freedoms granted by their governments. America is one of the only countries where most of our countries occupant’s freedoms are not legislated or grant by the government. There are actual unlimited rights that exist here, combined with a few exceptions of government granted freedoms. Between overreaching governments (National and Sub-National) and factions within our society, our right to freedom and life are constantly restricted or taken from us so that some governing entity can give it back to us as if it were some gift given to us by a deity for the purpose of good will. But that’s just what I believe.


I’m a senior who already walked for graduation, and this is my final class at CWU. I’m a political science and public policy major, so this class is about a topic which is important to me. I’d like to learn more so I can do a better job addressing these topics for the public. I’m not super healthy when it comes to my diet, but I guess I’ll take care of that when my metabolism catches up to me.

When it comes to buying products, I tend to do too much research on occasion. If its something I’m interested in, I’ll even help friends research the product. Getting a minor in economics added onto that tendency. When it comes to the more simple/cheap items, I usually just buy whatever is cheapest. I value liberty and responsibility, I believe that we should be more free to live our lives as we choose, so long as we do not harm others. Responsibility comes with that as a sort of requirement, we have to own up to or fix our mistakes, keep our promises, etc.

We have the right to speak our minds, though limited in some cases by government or social interaction. We also have the right to defend ourselves from violence, though some governments (the United Kingdom) do not allow this.

We should have the right to do as we please with our bodies, so long as we do not harm others. Activities such as abortion, drug use, suicide, experimental drugs, sexual preferences, are limited by governments across the world. These limitations violate the most important right of all, self ownership. We should also have the right to property, but governments violate this regularly through civil asset forfeiture and a multitude of other laws.