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Reflection Post

Taking a class on Consumer Health has expanded my abilities to evaluate different services and products. As you pointed out in my snagit grading, I tend to put a lot of thought into things that interest me and little into things that do not. This is not only something that has effected my school work negatively, but my life as well in some cases. I put plenty of time into researching things I plan on purchasing for fun, but completely skip over researching many of the things that effect my health directly. I have also learned that I need to focus more on doing things in a timely manner, I let summer get the best of me and didn’t realize how close we were to the end of the quarter. Due to these realizations, I purchased a planner to keep track of deadlines, and I’ve started researching better dietary habits.

I believe the list to be filled with highly important topics, but I think that my politically focused mind is part of that opinion. I’m not too familiar with the public health major, but this list of topics seems like the type one in the field should focus on. For those outside of the field, I think it would be best to get them focused on things which more directly effect them (although all of the topics do). This concern will help people learn more on research and evaluation abilities, so they can continue to apply those skills when needed. I say this because that is exactly what the class has done for me, someone who is not a public health major.



Reflective Prompt

Before this class I had not taken a consumer health class and in taking this class I learned about many key political points in which it has directly affected our daily lives. Among the many articles that I enjoyed reading about how recent health care legislation has changed the way we see healthcare. I learned that health care is particularily a very important issue that needs to be resolved. There are many people that believe the Obamacare is no good and others are trying to find better health care resources. Another important issue that interested me was that of U.S. consumer protection laws and how many corporations have still been able to manipulate the system and the people. I read an article in which corporations state that they add no sugar to items but in reality they use many names that end up containing sugar products. I really enjoyed this class and found many useful articles in which to learn from.

Reflection Post

This is the first public health class that I have taken, from every post I made my knowledge as a consumer has increased. I’m aware of things that I wasn’t aware of before. The weekly post helped me think about the idea of plastic bags for my photovoice project. I think it is very meaningful for most public health students to be able to do the things on the list. It allowed us to learn new things from each thing on the list. It also let us think outside the box when answering the weakly post. I never had a class like this and I really enjoyed it. I’m glad I took part of this class!