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Early Life Matters Prompt 1

So I read about childbirth, C-section, and preconception care. I think that new parents to be are very vulnerable to all the things in the market because most of them are not aware of what they actually need. They’re vulnerable because they are new to parenting; they might encounter something that they might not need or actually harmful for them and they’re not aware of the harm. What I really found interesting was this web called Preconception Health and Health Care. What this mainly talked about was how new parents can take care of themselves in order to prevent problems with new babies being born.

I think that most pre-parents and young parents would really like to know in order to make the best choices possible for themselves and their new babies is that they have to take care of themselves. They should make this a priority. Many parents to be are not aware of the things they might be doing that will be harmful for their babies. Some might think that it’s okay to do drugs because it won’t really affect their babies but that’s not true at all. Because what parents do, it also affect the unborn child very much. For instance, eating too little or too much or drug abuse will affect the baby. Also, pregnant women should watch out what they eat because what they eat might have some bad ingredients. Always take time to look at the food label and understand what you’re putting into your body. What they should know for sure is that their every action has an impact on the child. Just because the child is not physically in this world doesn’t mean the things they do does not affect it.