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Pharmaceutical Prompt One

Honestly I don’t see any problem with DTC advertising directly, but there are some problems which could be handled. Bringing treatment options to the attention of consumers is good in my opinion.

The WHO article from the 9th slide said that the advertising led to higher prices for the consumer or tax payer. Tax dollars shouldn’t be subsidizing advertisements, but I’m not sure how the ads can effect the prices consumer pay. The 2015-2016 Congress failed to pass a bill removing this tax break by leaving it untouched in the Finance Committee.

In that article, the former director Ethics, Trade, Human Rights and Health Law at WHO said that it increased focus on pharma company profits. I find it odd that consumers hate the concept of profits, that focus is what drives growth, innovation, and lower prices. After taking some economics courses, this is much clearer to me.

Consumers would be better off if they were informed better about the negative side effects, according to this FDA study. ¬†Atlhough doctors said they felt “that DTC ads made their patients more involved in their health care,” but they also thought “the ads did not convey information about risks and benefits equally well.” Many DTC ads include a short ending with very fast side effect announcements, I think this is almost a sort of disingenuous advertising.