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Peer Review

I chose to do my peer review on jdie4’s Food Prompt 1 post. From reading this contribution, I learned that there are almost 100 different added sugars that are put onto food labels. So we as consumers barely know what we are eating nowadays. It would be good for a college student or parent to read this contribution because from this we can understand that buying products that have nearly no sugar in them, still have hidden sugars in them because the manufacturers hide the sugars on the labels. Or do not put them on the labels at all. The strongest (or most credible) part of this contribution is when the author talks about how to fix this situation, which is buying solely raw ingredients and avoiding things that come in a package. The weakest part (or something that someone might question) about this contribution is when the author talks about how the FDA may begin requiring all the food labels to say all the added sugar. But the manufacturers might fight this and not want to do it. (If any) One part that I had to read more than once in order to understand it is was no parts. The author made a great case when it came to defending his points on the added sugars with food labels. (If any) I did not find any typos, although just a few minor grammatical errors throughout. (Such as commas and semicolons).One part that made me want to read more on this topic is when the author brings up how this might be affecting Type 2 Diabetes. This hits close to home for me because a lot of my family members have Type 2 DIabetes, so we are very cautious when it comes to our sugar levels and what we eat. On a 1 to 4 scale where 1 is the lowest possible and 4 is the highest possible, I rate this contribution a 3.5 overall, because the whole article was great and I really enjoyed reading it. The one thing I would change would just to add paragraphs instead of one whole paragraph. Sometimes when people read a huge article and there are no paragraphs it can be overwhelming.

Photovoice Project Part 2-Final

For my PhotoVoice Project, I researched makeup and the benefits of buying cheap vs. expensive makeup. First, I went to Fred Meyer and found the cheapest makeup in the store. I was looking for the brand ELF, but they did not have it at Fred Meyer so I found the brand Rimmel London actually being the cheapest.Rimmel London is actually the brand that I use for most of my makeup, like my foundation. The expensive makeup I chose to research was Neutrogena. So in my PhotoVoice Project, I will be comparing the cheap makeup to the expensive makeup.

What choices do I have? 

When anyone walks into the makeup aisle(s) at a supermarket you immediately start to think, what choices do I have? In other words, what makeup choices do I have? The makeup aisle basically throws on you SOOO many different brands of makeup that you really just end up getting stressed out and buying whatever catches your eye. Some people won’t even look past two different brands before they are done and ready to leave. But what happens if you really take your time and look at all the different brands, prices, products? You may just find a foundation that is the BEST foundation in the world at totally works for you, or you will find one that does not work for you AT ALL. So when you walk into the makeup aisle look at all the different choices you have and what really works for you and your budget. For me, I am a sophomore in college and working my butt off every day to make money to buy my makeup. So you could say that I take time and find the cheapest one, which is Rimmel London. Now if I was back at home on the West Side I would just go to Target and buy the ELF brand since that is the cheapest. But since the Fred Meyer here in Ellensburg does not have the brand ELF, I buy Rimmel London.

Who’s selling me what?

I really feel as though Neutrogena is selling its consumers for than Rimmel London. Strictly due to the fact that Neutrogena has much more headlines saying that it is the #1 Dermatologist recommended skin care line. Which yeah I could see as too why it would be because they have healthy products. But that does not mean that you have to buy their products. I first took a bottle of foundation from Neutrogena and compared that to a tube of foundation from Rimmel London. The bottle from Neutrogena was $16.49, whereas the tube from Rimmel London was $5.49. I then compared the two brands with powder, concealer, and bronzer. All were very different prices, and the Neutrogena brand continued to be the more expensive one. When I read some reviews on Neutrogena many believed that one of their skin peels made their skin “dry and itchy”. Now I don’t know if this is just me but if I was too spend 20 plus dollars on a product that I hoped would make my skin feel better, I would be pretty mad if that happened to me. So although Neutrogena is selling their products better and branding more by using celebrities in their commercials, I still believe that there are better products out there for much cheaper.

Who has the upper hand and how? 

Neutrogena definitely has the upper hand in this type of situation. They have more commercials and advertisements than Rimmel London. Neutrogena also has a lot of celebrities in their commercials which helps with the sale of their products. If people see Jennifer Lopez wearing the Neutrogena foundation on commercials than people will want to be like Jennifer Lopez and wear the same foundation! That doesn’t work so much for Rimmel London because a lot of people do not hear about that brand because there are not as many commercials and advertising for that product.

What’s the typical discourse (what “most people” say?) about this & similar products/services? 

Many individuals will talk a lot about the products that they use, especially if they do not work have they hoped. Neutrogena is a very familiar brand and a lot of people chose to wear it. While Rimmel London is sort of on the back burner. Even though Neutrogena has great reviews and rates. The prices, on the other hand, are not so great. I mean for one thing of powder it is $13.99, whereas Rimmel London is only selling their powder for $5.49. A very BIG price difference, which ultimately defeats the same purpose. I personally believe that buying cheaper makeup products are still going to be just as healthy for you, rather than buying the more expensive ones. If people take the time to wash their face, good and clean, at the end of each night than you will not have any problems with buying the cheaper makeup. For me, I use the cheapest makeup products out there, and I continue to make sure I clean my face very well each night. In result, I have clear skin. So if anything buy the cheaper products rather than the expensive ones, because you will benefit from it in the long run.

My experience doing this project was great. I really enjoyed being able to research and do a topic that is close to my heart. I love makeup, probably just like everyone else. and realizing that you do not need to buy expensive makeup makes me feel great! When I first began my project, I went to the store and searched for the most expensive makeup. This was actually a lot more difficult than I thought it would be just because a lot of makeup in Fred Meyer is around the same price, but Neutrogena definitely stood out amongst the rest. When I arrived at the store the first thing I noticed was how many advertisements there are which reminded me of what we learned at the beginning of class! The makeup aisle, I believe, is the most competitive aisle in the whole store. Different brands have their way of trademarking their products so that you, the consumer, will buy them. They will advertise their products to be “healthy for your skin”, or “clean and fresh for your skin”. But all of them say that so how do we really know what is going to work for us and what is not. That’s an answer that only we can answer, and it is by buying the product that we feel like will work us. And if it works, then great you found YOUR makeup. But if it does not, then you go back to the store and move onto the next section or aisle of makeup and try that brand. All in all, you will find the right makeup for you, even if it takes a little time and effort.

PhotoVoice Project Below:


Photovoice Project By Morgan7






Food Prompt 2

When reading the article about moderation, my first reaction was that moderation is definitely not having only one doughnut a week but having other sugary, junky foods the other days. Yes, maybe people feel good about only having one doughnut but that doesn’t make it moderation.

I definitely do not see myself in the example of the”not-very moderate week that ‘feels’ moderate” either. I do enjoy having somewhat of a sugary snack every once and awhile, like a cookie. But I do not treat myself every day of the week.

In my daily diet, I try my best to eat my greens and protein, while having little snacks throughout the day. In some cases, I do practice the “somewhat moderation” though as well. Nobody is perfect and we can’t always be healthy. Most of the time though I do eat healthy, because quite frequently whenever I do eat unhealthy foods I just feel sick and weak. So it is always good to make sure that we eat healthy foods and foods that will give us energy.

Finance Prompt 1

When I first saw that the topic this week was going to be finance, let me just say I was a little worried. For me, Finances have never been my strong suit. I never really was taught in high school either about certain finance topics that others were taught. So reading the course materials made me very informed and I was able to actually learn about finances. The first article I read was about student loans, and some tips on how to pay them off, and what to do when you do have a bunch of loans. One thing I learned, in particular, was that you should always start with paying off the most high priced loan first. And then continue to pay the rest, this way you will get the big chunk out of the way and will able to pay little amounts and soon enough they will be paid. The second article I read talked about what happens when a deceased person still has debt. I actually found it very interesting that when a person passes away and they may not be here, their debt definitely still is. When that person passes away, a loved one, relative or someone still has to pay the debt of that person. I found that astonishing, I had no idea that it still would have to be paid even though they are no longer here. The third article I read focused on what you would want to do with your finances and what you should know about how expensive they can be. For instance, starting a business, before starting a business you should do research about the certain business you are wanting to start; ranging from an internet company all the way to opening your own franchise. There are many things that come to the forefront way before signing any kind of papers. You must consider your financial situation, your abilities, goals, and most importantly if this is actually going to make you money.

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Glossary Building Part 1

The three words I found for my glossary building post were words that I have came across before and words that I have never came across before.

The first word I chose was commodity. Commodity is an important word to have in my glossary because it can mean multiple things. Commodity is defined by “a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold, such as copper or coffee” (Dictionary.com). I found this word in the Consumer Health: Health Care Reform PowerPoint on Slide 2. Here commodity is being used saying how health care was a commodity to be bought and sold.

The second word I chose was discourse. Discourse is also another important word to have for my glossary because it is used in a way that is good for people to comprehend. Discourse is defined as “written or spoken communication or debate” (Dictionary.com). I found this word in the same PowerPoint but on slide 6. I think it is very important for people to understand different words and different meanings they have. It is very easy for us to just say  talking out loud instead of discourse. But this way makes us smarter by knowing different synonyms.

The third word I found was stifling. Stifling is then again another good word to know. Stifling can be defined as “making one feel constrained or oppressed” (Dictionary.com). This word was also found in the Consumer Health: Health Care Reform PowerPoint on slide 7. Here the word is being used talking about a regulation vs. consumer protection. I think it is good for us to know this one as well because it is a great synonym for other words that correlate to the meaning.

Three words:

Commodity: a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold, such as copper or coffee.

Discourse: written or spoken communication or debate.

Stifling: making one feel constrained or oppressed