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Food Prompt 2

Reading this article about moderation made me realize the lack of nutritional understanding. I very much see myself in the example from the article about moderation. But not because I treat myself everyday, which I don’t but in the way that I would see that as moderation, except for the wine night because I rarely drink. But I am also someone that grew up constantly put on diets by my parents. The summer between fifth and sixth grade I was sent to fitness camps. That’s just a nice way of saying fat camp. I have always had to be so careful about what I choose to eat and how that what I choose affects my body but right now in my life I have so many more important things than worrying about restricting myself when someone brings something to the office or my roommate makes cookies. I’ve spent 75% of my life living that way and it sucks to be honest. It really does. But that doesn’t mean I only eat unhealthy foods, in reality I love to cook fresh vegetables, proteins, and keep my carb intake low. To me, that is moderation. Moderation is portion sizes and not always having a sweet snack on hand at home or at work. But everyone sees moderation differently which is where we hit the nutritional understanding snag. Not everyone sees or understands moderation the same way and as people working in public health, judging those who do not know or understand it the way we do is the opposite of our job.


Finance Matters Prompt 1

The first resource I chose to use from the content section was the simulation, SPENT. Though this was just a simulation, it was incredibly stressful to think about having to make these decisions with so few options. The option to ask a friend was helpful but so many friends and family members are often in the same situation so it can be almost unfair to ask them for help because it may put them in a worse position than they are already in.

After this simulation, I moved onto the tips for students and paying back loans. This was almost as stressful as the first resource but not in the same way. This was more relatable to me because I am very worried about paying back student loans, especially since I plan to pursue a Masters Degree and a Doctoral Degree. Some options for loan repayment include public service or federal work. Luckily, I want to work for the CDC and I would most likely be eligible for loan forgiveness after 10 years. One thing I learned in my personal finance class was to pay loans and bills in a snowball effect. When one is paid off, continue paying that amount of money into other loans and bills to pay them off sooner.

I also read the student aid bill proposed by the President Obama and it sounds ideal. However, our country does not all think the same way and believe that personal responsibility is more important than helping others. Many believe that college assistance is a hand out that not everyone deserves. With the current political administration, I am worried that it will become harder and more dangerous to borrow from the government to earn a college education.

I think it is important for future students and borrowers to understand how loan repayment works, especially the differences between federal and private loans. I also believe it is important for more people to be taught about personal finances and how to be an “adult” in high school. I left high school not understanding how to balance a checkbook, pay off a loan, or even how to apply for a credit card. These are important things that people need to be taught in order for them to be the most educated and prepped for “the real world”.

Early Life and Childhood: Prompt 1

Like many have already posted, parents and soon to be parents are very vulnerable consumers not only materialistically but also information wise.

Soon to be parents are bombarded with information and options. Cesarean or natural, no medication or epidural, home birth or hospital. Some of these options are considered to be poor parenting choices and many women are often shamed for making some of them. A new trend that has been coming to light through social media is the shaming of mothers that have C-sections rather than a natural birth. These mothers are told that they are weak, wanted to harm their child, and some are even told they never gave birth so they are not a mom. These are horrible things to say to anyone, especially new mothers.

Other things parents and soon to be parents are old include name brand items versus generic brand. Name brand Tylenol versus Kirkland brand, Huggies wipes versus Fred Meyer brand, an so on and so forth.  Parents are constantly fed information claiming that not using expensive name brand items makes them less prepared or less likely to be good parents. This could not be more wrong.

If there was one thing I would want parents and soon to be parents to know is that most of their decisions on what type of wipes to buy or how to give birth are not shameful decisions. However, another thing I want parents to know is that vaccines ARE safe for a high majority of the population. It would be ignorant of me to say that every person will react the same to vaccines because we know that is not true however, most children and people have no adverse reactions. Lastly, I want parents to know that vaccines DO NOT cause autism. This pseudoscience has put millions at risk and even brought back eradicated diseases such as measles.

CP&R Prompt 1

Like many of the other people in this class, I chose to discuss chemicals and hazardous materials in cosmetic products. I am not the most astute or knowledgeable in this area, but I do use quite a lot of makeup. There are a few laws and agencies that protect consumers that buy makeup including the Bureau of Consumer Protection and the FDCA (Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act). The BCP protects customers from unfair and fraudulent business practices while the FDCA gives businesses regulations and standards about the safety of the products.

What other consumers should know includes what is in the makeup we choose to buy and use as well as how to be a smart consumer. Doing research can really help protect individuals as consumers and can make a consumer more inclined to make smart decisions about what they choose to buy. This does not just apply to makeup and other cosmetics but any type of product in general. I also believe it is important to know that not all companies abide by the standards or they do the bare minimum to make their products desirable. Overall, I believe that we as consumers must pay more attention to the laws that are their to protect us as well as the lack of regulations.


Health Care Prompt 2

Being a public health major, it is important to stay up  to date on all health care policies being thrown around on Capitol Hill. However, that does not always mean we are up to date. But the AHCA would have drastically affected how I get healthcare and how many of my friends and family get it as well. The CBO estimated that between 2017 and 2026, there would be a 772 billion dollar decrease in money put into medicaid. This would have lowered federal matching caps for medicaid as well as lowered the amount of people able to enroll in the program. We should also mention that the government spent nearly 700 billion dollars bailing out Wall Street. It seems odd to me that the government would okay spending that much on big banks but not on providing health care to people in the country. Back to the prompt, I believe it is important for those that rely on these services and those that do not to understand how this affects their fellow countrymen. It would be easy to find more information on the CBO website as well as in the ACHA itself. Thankfully, the final attempt to pass some sort of conservative health bill has failed. Sadly, this week employers are no longer required to cover birth control on the insurance plans. But the same people that passed this do not agree with a woman’s right to choose abortion. So they removed access to birth control and want to restrict abortion. This behavior is counterproductive and ignorant.

Thinking and Discourse

Prompt 1:

Wording is incredibly important when doing polls and other surveys. One can manipulate wording to get people to say yes or no to something they would normally say the opposite. Wording can make people feel more informed but it can also make some feel less educated. It is very important to find the balance between these two ideals.

The first question is much vaguer than the second and appeals to human empathy while the second question is more explanatory and shows the whole process involved. Though these questions mean about the same thing, the responses varied by about 20% between the two. The first uses the words “every American” which appeals to the empathy that real patriots have for their compatriots while the second uses the word “taxes” which instantly gives the message a more negative connotation. Many Americans oppose more taxes but when taxes are not involved they want every one to have health insurance. Here lies the predicament, do we appeal to morals and empathy or do we appeal to politics and logistics.

Prompt 2:

Social Justice vs Market Justice highlights how influential wording choices can be to decision making. It discusses being more informed decision makers and how many people need to be more aware of how they make decisions. Again we come to the predicament, morals and empathy or politics and logistics. The first strives to help the community. The second works to preserve self and the individual.

Prompt 3:

Babies are often seen as having the greatest impact on a woman and her health but many often forget that they must carry and deliver the baby, which can have an even greater impact on all types of health. Mental, physical, and emotional health are strained when women have babies. A possible way to alleviate some of this strain is preparedness. A major part of preparedness is having the right information. Future mothers who are more informed about what to do and what not to do while pregnant, often feel more prepared for motherhood. Having more information often leads to mothers receiving prenatal care which is healthier for both baby and mother. Another important part of preparedness is a birth plan. Natural birth or C-section can be an incredibly stressful decisions for mothers. Many women nowadays face shame for having a C-section and are told they did not give birth so therefore they did not have a child. Both natural birth and C-sections carry their risks and each mother should be able to make their choice about how they are going to give birth and they should face ZERO shame for either decision. Many people do not take women’s health seriously and do not understand the importance of healthy births. Many underestimate the importance of women’s health in our society. But without healthy women, everyone else suffers.

Meghan’s Introduction

Hello, my name is Meghan. I am a senior at Central majoring in Public Health with a specialization in Population Health. I am also double minoring in Spanish and Latino and Latin American Studies. I work at the Wellness Center on campus and I love my job! I am hoping to graduate this summer and I plan to attend graduate school to pursue a Master’s degree. If I get into my top school, I will be pursuing a Public Health and Tropical Medicine Master’s degree. Fingers crossed!

My personal consumer health constantly changes depending on what I can afford to buy and where I decide to shop that week. I am currently trying to add more fresh foods into my weekly purchases and remove most processed foods. But to me consumer health status does not just involve food but also what we purchase that impacts our personal environments. Purchasing air fresheners that have scents which relax you or buying a wall hanging that helps affirm your confidence when you see it. Throughout this class, I hope to learn more about how to be a healthier consumer in terms of knowing what I’m buying as well as be able to help others become healthier consumers.

Two values that I believe are very important are empathy and cultural awareness. I have always been a very empathetic person and that has helped me become a good public health student as well as public health “professional”, there isn’t really a one word term for student employee in a public health office. In my opinion, empathy and cultural awareness go hand in hand. I am very political and passionate about changing inequities especially in regards to marginalized communities. Without these values, we as a society will crumble. If we allow our ideologies to block out true human emotion and fact, we are no longer a functioning society. Allowing inequities to continue because you think that a group of people deserve them is not fact, it is ideology and we cannot grow and flourish as a society if we allow ourselves to believe this.

I have been struggling to write this section about rights because I believe that so many of our rights have become subjective and none of our rights are guaranteed. I looked at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from the United Nations and easily argued in my head that not all people are guaranteed these rights in developed and developing countries. One right is that no one can be held as slaves but we have thousands of women and children being sold into sex work with too few governments doing anything to change that. We as humans are given the right to security of person but women walking around college campuses fear being assaulted and then being blamed for someone else taking away their right to security. We as humans are guaranteed the right to freedom of religion yet we have mosques being bombed in our country, which was FOUNDED on the idea of freedom of religion. We have one of the largest ethnic cleansings in the world happening to Muslims in Myanmar with governments denying its existence. We as humans are guaranteed the right to not be arbitrarily arrested and detained yet we have government agencies tracking down undocumented immigrants and detaining them in below standard jail facilities, allowing them to die while they wait for trial. We as humans are guaranteed the right to be recognized as people in the eyes of the government yet we have transgender children being tormented by adults for using the bathroom that matches who they ARE. I’m sorry but these rights are not guaranteed for everyone, therefore they are guaranteed for no one.