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Thinking and Discourse: Prompt Two

In reading the article about the market as part of the consumer health context I found that market, market justice, and social justice have equal the importance when it comes to consumer health. They also have their own definitions and meaning. According to the article, market has many different meanings in regards to peoples views and opinions. In the article it brings up the fact that when people hear market they think of the stock market. In the article it goes on to talk about how there are many other types such as what I mentioned above (market justice & social justice). Market justice and social justice are two different ideas and they help understand different views about consumer health.

Market justice is found to be related to people who are financially comfortable and have  earned their comfort in the world of consumer health and the people who are less comfortable have earned that situation in life. A persons own lifestyle and choices are responsible for the negative and positive effects. In this case regulations play an important role but some corporations find it difficult to sell their products. In conclusion market justice can be seen as dominant over social justice.

Social justice in the other hand also has its own meaning in the consumer health realm. Social justice defers form market justice because social justice seeks to make all outcomes fair for everyone. In this case policies and procedures it what helps make this happen. According to the article The Market as Part of the Consumer Health Context, “in this view, fair outcomes are not based solely on what a person or group earns by choosing healthy behaviors, rather, they are actively fair, based in policies or processes that allow for or provide equitable benefits and risk of harm to all.”

In my response to this if I had to choose among market justice and social justice I would be right in the middle. In many cases I believe in self-determination, self-discipline, benefits based solely on personal effort, and I have a strong obligation to the collective good. In understanding the types of markets and where you stand can better help you make a positive decision when it comes to consumer health.


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