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Illness and Mortality Prompt One

I visited the Washington state website for long-term care resources, One of the most helpful information was to find that this website explains in great detain the different types of long-term residential options some of which are licensed such as short and long term Nursing Homes, Adult Family Homes and Assisted living Facilities. Also, there are Non-state licensed options such as retirement communities/independent living facilities and continuing care retirement community. Moreover there are options such as the In Home Care which allow an adult to remain at home and still receive the care they need. The website contains the services,resourses and information  available based on where you live.  I believe all of this information is very helpful to those who want to make the best choice possible for a loved one. However, the latest news about the sharp increase in adult abuse reports in the state of Washington is something that left me with more questions than answers despite the fact that the website has information about how to look for the possible type and signs of abuse, how to report the abuse and the laws that protect adults from this abuse. I am now left with questions about the measurements taken to avoid the abuse experienced by many vulnerable adults in Washington state.  Another website where I would suggest people to look is medicare.gov and National institute of Aginghttps://www.nia.nih.gov/health/caregiving/long-term-care




Food post Prompt One

I want to start off by stating that I had vague knowledge about the importance of not exceeding the recommended daily intake for added sugar. However, after reading some of the food matters resources now I have a better understanding about the added sugar daily intake recommendations which are 25g for women,38 g for men and 12-25g for children. In addition I am aware of the reason  why we should not exceed these recommendations. Also, I learned that there are at least 61different names for sugar listed on food labels and how this sugar is in most packaged foods sold in supermarket. However, the most important information is that added sugar is hiding in foods that we consider to be healthy such as energy bars, yogurt since manufacturers are not required to say whether the total  sugar includes added sugar. Making it very difficult to know how much added sugar we are consuming. Therefore it is very important for us as consumers to  know how Making healthy food decisions requires having complete information on the food label. When sugars are hidden in most packaged foods, it’s a difficult choice to make. I believe this information is extremely important for everyone to know and as a result I would definitely share this information with my family, friends and those in my community. Because knowing this information can help us make healthier choices.

Policies decisions that can have an effect peoples choices and health outcomes around food labeling  is the having FDA include more information in labels specifically with the recommendations on the added sugar that is safe to consume. This would be a policy decision that can have positive effect on the choices and health outcomes of an individual. However there are other policies that fail to address the public health risk about consuming large amounts of added sugars. Since food and beverage manufacturers along with industry supported organizations such as trade association, front groups, and public relations firms have actively sought to deceive the public and ensure that we continue to consume large amounts of sugar, this is due to through some of the same tactics employed by the tobacco industry, sugar interests from various sectors have intentionally worked to interfere with the science that links consumption of added sugars to adverse health effect by attacking the science and spreading misinformation. Sugar interest have attempted to influence policy in the direction of continued high consumption of sugar by American.

Also, I found very important to know that there solutions are possible and there are various initiatives being developed and implemented in many places across the country. For example communities an d decision makers need to adopt policies that stand up against political and corporate influence and are informed by the scientific evidence demonstrating the harmful health impacts of added sugar. And having sugar interests held accountable by scientific and public health experts, investors, decision makers, the media, and the  public for their efforts to obscure the science on sugar and its detrimental health effects. Also, communities should be empowered to make democratic decisions about their food systems and public health.

Even though more than half Americans say they already have enough information at restaurants to decide whether they are making healthy choices I assume there are quite a few people that have at least basic knowledge about food labels and nutrition recommendations in these. However, if I share this information with people less well informed than myself they may be surprised to know how we are consuming huge amounts of addend sugar without even knowing since the added sugar is hidden if food labels. But what would probably be more shocking for them would be to know that food and beverages manufacturers want Americans to keep consuming large amounts and their campaigns to obscure scientific evidence about the negative effects of  the consumption of added sugar.

Finance post/s Prompt Two

The Fiduciary Rule, is a rule in which financial advisers will not be able to put their own interest ahead of their clients. Meaning that Fiduciary Rule would request all financial advisers to put customer’s interest first. Financial advisers will not be allowed to receive any commission or accept compensation or payments that would create a conflict of interest. The first resource tutorial on “John Oliver’s Retirement Income episode” does an excellent job at explaining from a consumers point of view the Fiduciary Rule and what would benefit consumers the most. For example,  this particular resource states that according to conservative estimates, more than $17 billion is unnecessarily lost every year from retirement saving under our current system due to conflicted investment advice. Also, the resources has important information about the high fees that compound over time, the differences between managed and index funds and which is more beneficial to the consumer. In addition this resource has a link to support the Fiduciary Rule and includes some tips to remember when saving for retirement which are important for all consumers to know.




Early Life & Childhood/Youth post Prompt Two

I believe that in order to address certain consumer health issues with 10 year old children, I would have to use  simple language when addressing such an important topic such as consumer health. First of all I would provide him/her with important information  necessary for them to start making good and healthy choices. I would try to cover some of the interest of the child. For example if the child has very low physical activity due to playing video games for a long period of time or watching television then I would start off by asking why the child like to engage in these activities, Then I would let the child know that I respect his opinion but that perhaps he can make better choices because his/her current interest may have a negative effect on his/her health. And I would mention to the child the risk of low physical activity such as how and why it’s affecting their health. In addition I would have to provide the child with ideas and options to increase his/her physical activity time. For example, I would let the 10 year old know that low levels of physical activity can affect their health even if they don’t feel it is affecting them in any way. And provide facts such as how low levels of physical activity is liked to a greater risk for obesity and diseases like diabetes, this can be done by providing them with videos about the risks of low levels of physical activity. Moreover, I would talk to him/her about the different variety of activities that can increase his or her physical activities such as outdoor play, or if the 10 year old is interested in video games I would recommend them choosing an active video game on Xbox 360 Kinect (a motion sensor-based console, that requires total body participation this way the children can start to choose options that can benefit her/his consumer behaviors.

Food Labels Challenge 1

The person I talked about had only a basic knowledge and understanding about packaged food and beverage labels. He noticed some of the differences in the old and new label. For example, the serving size in the new label is in bold with medium size letters and the calories is the most prominent information on the new label while the old label had bold letters for the calories and size serving however, the letters were much smaller. Also, he observed that the new label presents the information in a more clear way and highlights what he believes to be the most important information. Since all he wants to know about the packaging information is the calories because he wants to keep track of the calories and make sure he doesn’t exceed 2000 calories. Moreover, he believes ingredients are very important because he wants to know what he is consuming whether the product has natural or artificial ingredients.  The conversation was very interesting and we both talked about what both of us considers to be the most important information in food labels and how this information can help us choose the healthies food and beverage products available.

CP&R Prompt 1

One issue of concern to me is the vehicle recalls because it is very interesting to me to see so many recalls on many products ranging from toys, cribs, and vehicles. I believe it is extremely important for all the companies to have some sort of regulations and accurate tests done before they can sell their products to the consumers. However, sometimes their regulations and tests are not very precise as the later realize some of the products may cause possible harm to the consumers. In this case, I believe they should do everything they can to fix the issue right away. One agency that is relevant to learn something about the vehicle recall is the NHTSA because this  agencies’ mission is to save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce vehicle-related crashes. Their website offers tools to learn more about recalls, file complaints and offers updated information about recalls. I believe this is some of the most important information to share with other consumers is the options and information available for consumers about the steps they need to take in order to have their vehicle issue resolved in a timely manner.

Morning Challenge

Wednesday: First day of the morning challenge, I was very motivated to start with this challenge even though it was not very new to me as I tend to do most of the activities listed in the challenge. However, the hardest part of it was to drink water since I have the bad habit of not drinking enough water throughout the day. So, today I only took a few sips of water as I wasn’t able to drink very much because it felt really heavy on my empty stomach. I have to admit that I did not like this feeling. On the other hand washing my face and brushing my teeth and tongue  has always had a positive effect on the way I feel, it makes me feel more alert and gives me a sense of freshness that helps me to stay motivated to start my daily activities. Combing my hair was perhaps the least fun activity as I was feeling a little bit blue. Now when it comes to holding off any sugar drinks with the exception of the orange juice which I drink with my Iron supplement  because I am low on Iron. I was able to avoid drinking any sugar beverages.  Moreover, I ate an apple and it was delicious I felt really good about myself for adding a fruit to my diet.

Thursday: Second day of the morning challenge, I almost forgot to drink water first thing in the morning I think this is because I rarely drink any water in the mornings. However, I managed to drink a little bit more water than yesterday but not quite half a glass. It still felt a heavy or fullness sensation in my stomach. Again my experience with the challenge seems to be fairly positive I felt good about myself making healthy choices such as adding fruits to my diet!

Friday: third day of the morning challenge, I woke up really early brushed my teeth and tongue took a few sips of water. However, I did not wash my face as I had to jump in the shower right away and get ready for my appointment. Showering in the morning gets me more alert and improves my mood so I felt more motivated to start the day. When in my Dr.’s office I grabbed and ate a tangerine which are delicious, I feel like this challenge is helping me to be more aware of how good fruits are but yet how I don’t eat them very regularly. However, I have set myself the goal to eat at least one or two fruits per day. I feel like this challenge is helping me to want to make healthier choices and adopt healthier habits.

Saturday: Fourth day of the morning challenge. I felt as if the combing my hair activity was easier to get done as these past few days I have been doing It so it’s helping me to get used to do this activity. I believe I did not drink enough water yesterday or perhaps my body is starting to show the effects of  staying a little bit more hydrated as I was feeling thirsty today in the morning which I also feel like it wasn’t something that I  was conscious about I just knew I had to drink water.  However, I did feel tempted to drink more Juice than just the one glass I have to drink with my iron supplement but instead I ate an apple.

Sunday: Fifth day of the morning challenge, today I woke up I was a bit concerned about the four assignments that are due today which needed a few more details and editing before turning them in. I felt I little bit frustrated however I managed to get up. I drank water I was able to drink half a glass of water which made me feel very happy I believe that drinking water first thing in the morning helps me to be more thirsty throughout the day. After that, I washed my face and brushed my teeth  and combed my hair which definitely helped me to feel ready to start editing my assignments with more motivation. Overall this morning challenged has helped me to feel good about myself especially because I am aware that it has certainly helped me to create the habit of drinking more water and eating fruits and vegetables more often, I have realized that by completing these small activities it has been easier for me to tackle those that are more difficult, I think that perhaps by completing small task I was able to adopt a healthy habit and it helped me to want to start adopting new ones.

Health Care: Prompt Two

I have to start by admitting that I had never read a CBO report or even a summary of one, I actually had no knowledge about what the CBO was. I believe as consumers we all should know about CBO (Congressional Budget Office). And the important information that provides for us the consumers. CBO presents information and analyses surrounding bills and laws in a nonpartisan style which I believe is very important because this means that the information presented is likely to be more accurate and non-biased.

By reading the resource I learned about the estimated direct spending and revenue effect of the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017, which is a Senate amendment in the nature of a substitute to H.R. 1628.  According to the CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) enacting BCRA would reduce the cumulative federal deficit over the 2017-2016 period by $321 billion, 202 billion more than the estimated net saving for the current version of H.R. By 2026 according to the CBO and JCT by 2026, an estimated 49 million people would be uninsured, compared with 28 million who would lack insurance that year under current law.

The effects on the Federal Budget include the estimation that enacting the new legislation would reduce spending by $1,022 billion and reduce revenues by $701 billion for the total net reduction of $321 billion in the deficit over a nine year period. Some of the larges saving would come from reductions in outlays for Medicaid, there would also be a reduction in revenues from repealing penalties on employers who do not offer insurance on people who do not purchase insurance.

Some of the effects on health insurance coverage, include 15 million more people which would be uninsured under this legislation than under current law primarily because the penalty for not having insurance would be eliminated.

I believe it is very important to know that there are uncertainty surrounding the estimates by the CBO and JCT on the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 as well as the projections under the current law. Despite the uncertainty, the direction of certain effects of this legislation is clear. For example, the amount of federal revenues collected and the amount of spending on Medicaid would surely both be lower than under current law. And the number of uninsured people under this legislation is very likely to be greater than under current law.

I would like to know more about the long term effects of the Better care Reconciliation act of 2017 and I could get more information about it by visiting the following website:


Thinking and Discourse Prompt 1 & 2

After having reviewed the two questions and polling results are very similar, I noticed that both question ask the same thing. However, both of these questions use different language to express the same meaning. For example question number one, In my opinion presents the information in the question clearly and easy to understand since the question goes straight to the point about how people feel about the health insurance to ask whether the people favor or oppose it. I believe this question is the more appropriate to highlight the importance of language in consumer Health, because it is clear, its easy understandable and it presents the information with simple words that stress what the question is all about in this case Health Insurance offered to every American.

On the other hand question number two asks the same thing but in a more complex way as it uses more words, some of which are not relevant to what the question is about. For example, I believe that the system to be used to provide health insurance to every American should not be mentioned in the question as it is not very necessary, because that is not what the question is about. Also, It can make it confusing for people to understand it thus resulting in inaccurate pool results.



Social Justice vs. Market Justice


Social Justice vs. Market is a very interesting piece that explains the meaning of the word market and how it has changed over time as well as the ideas about it. For example, before  the word market was used as a noun a simple idea of a place where shoppers would make everyday purchases they needed. However, as time  progressed the idea and meaning to the word market has changed to become an abstract word one with different meanings. The paper discusses how the two opposing ideas of Social Justice vs. Market Justice play an important role when making decision for ourselves and other people,  according to the Market Justice system corporations sell their products as long as there are consumers willing to buy them, and states that regulations for the demand of products and services are unnecessary. On the other hand, the Social Justice system believes that societies have a responsibility to help ensure fair or equitable outcomes for everyone. After reading this piece now I understand why there are so many corporations that produce many products and services that are harming on an individual and societal level. An example of this is the numerous amount of fast food restaurants that put everyone at a higher risk for health issues such as obesity and heart disease. Now its easier for me to understand why there’s so little to be done about these corporations since Market Justice is the dominant worldview in our society. Therefore as long as there are people consuming this possibly harmful foods they are going to continue selling it because all they are doing really is meeting the products demand. Therefore, one’s values lean more towards the Social Justice system it is important to make healthy choices and refuse to buy harmful products and ask for quality products and services this is one way to make some corporations providing possibly harmful products  disappear.

Hello, my name is Jessica Sanchez this is my first year attending CWU, I enrolled in this course because I am interested in majoring in Public Health mainly because I want to learn valuable information that will help me make healthy choice as well as to help others to make those healthy choices too. I want to be able to communicate to people the information and preventive measures that can help them add years and health to their lives.

Regarding my personal consumer health I try to have a healthy diet, I do this by avoiding highly processed foods as much as I can, of course I still consume processed foods because it is somewhat difficult to find the healthiest foods in the market. However, Some of the steps I take towards having a healthier diet are  buying organic food products. Also, recently  I stopped drinking cows milk and decided to consume non-GMO almond milk, basically I try to purchase most non-GMO products.

Two of the most important values for me are love and empathy, this is because if we love ourselves we are more likely to make choices that are going to benefit us, and thus making us live a healthier and happier life. I believe empathy is another important value this is because if we are  able to develop the capacity to understand and share the feelings of another person from their perspective we are going to be more interested in helping them in any way we can, thus creating a more healthy and harmonious environment.

I would consider the right of life, the right of freedom of speech, and the right freedom of religion to be the most important rights we posses. The freedom to live for example is the most important for obvious reasons. As for freedom of speech, it is important because it enable us to express our thought and ideas about everything, especially to express our opinions on social issues that affect each and everyone of us. By expressing our opinions, ideas, etc… we can actually make hopefully beneficial changes in the world. Moreover, freedom of religion is another important human right as religion can be an essential part of the lives of many people.

In addition to the rights we have I believe everyone should have to right to free healthcare, regardless of their age, sex, class etc. .. this is because we have to be aware that not everyone has the same opportunities mostly due to the stratification system in our country. Some people do not even have money for their basic needs to be met, let alone for costly visits to a health care professional and for highly expensive treatments. So, if people had free health care it would save many lives and they would have an improvement in their overall quality of life. Another right that we should have is the right to free education, as I mentioned before not everyone has the financial means to obtain higher education and because of this many people with great talent lack the opportunity to get the education they need to be able to make great contributions to not just their life but to our society. Some of those contributions could even make important changes in the world.