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my intro

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jozelle! I am a student here at CWU, in my last year of majoring in Public Health! I am a pretty active person, I enjoy going to the gym, volunteering, working, etc. If I were to describe my personal consumer health I would label myself as being pretty healthy and open to the changes currently occurring in the public health area. From this class specifically I hope to learn the importance and role that consumer health has towards society and on individuals specifically. I found that within Public Health we do a lot of promoting and educating and one goal specifically regarding this course would be to see how it ties into where and/or how we educate that within the public. For example, in what ways do we present consumer health? To what extend? And to whom?

Some values I hold are making sure the importance of an individuals health comes first and being able to support an individuals rights and follow through with them throughout any situation. Another would be finding the right resources that correspond with an individuals needs.

intro- first blog post


My name is Brenda and I just transferred to Central to hopefully finish my social science (IDS) degree. One of the things that I hope to accomplish with my major is having the ability to help others. Before I started college, I wanted to pursue a degree in the medical field for the same reasons, but then I realized that I wouldn’t be 100% committed to all the intense science courses. Anyway, I hope to help victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse by working with my local New Hope agency.

As far as my consumer health status goes.. it is something that I am constantly trying to work on. I am not trying to pressure myself into following a certain method, so I am trying to improve my overall lifestyle in small changes. As far as buying groceries, my family and I try to incorporate fresh produce and local, when possible. We grow our own veggies, so we know how fresh and free of chemicals they are. Of course this is not always possible, so we often try to buy the “healthiest” options of what we’re looking for.

My goals for now are to make sure that I am giving, or at least doing my best to give 100% at my full-time job and full-time school course load. I am also hoping to have time to volunteer at New Hope as much as I can, so that I can continue to learn about my career path.

Family and patience are two things I truly value, and that I am always working on. I want to focus on the bigger picture as opposed to stressing out or losing my patience on the little things. Family is everything to me and they are part of the reason why I continue my education.

Two rights that I can think of are freedom of speech and freedom of religion. We are able to express our opinions as well as religious choices. Two rights that I believe we should have are the ability to give everyone a higher education and healthcare. I know there are people out there that would love to go to college, but can’t because they cannot afford it despite having full-time jobs.