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Consumer Protection & Regulation Matter Motor Vehicles

After reviewing multiple consumer protection and regulation prompts I found to be most interested in an article that has to do with automobile safety recalls and what our government is doing to keep us aware and safe from what could potentially become life threatening in regards to faulty automobile equipment. This issue is of particular importance because it is a huge risk to families and many others that own vehicles that are and have potential problems. As a Toyota owner I remember receiving a recall letter stating they were having a recall on many Toyota models due to some technical issues and it’s my belief that they did what they could to at least identify the problem and try to fix it.

It is my belief that as a consumer of potentially harmful vehicles I feel that I am unsafe depending on the issue that is being addressed. In this particular article the Toyota Motor Corporation recalled and temporarily stopped selling new and used Toyota models due to the gas pedals sticking. The gas pedal sticking is of great danger to society in many cases. Depending on which major highway they are on it could and may have a potential for death and injury. As a consumer you will not know if your vehicle has any issues because the dealers have assured you that everything is up and running correctly. According to the Associated Press (2010) “Toyota has recalled 4.2 million vehicles worldwide because the gas pedal systems can get stuck. The company said the problem is rare and is caused by condensation that builds up in the gas pedal assembly” (Associated Press, 2010, para. 4).

In this case the law and department that we should invest some time into is that of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This agency is part of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government and it helps ensure the safety of individuals by making sure that all automakers are developing ways to improve safety standards. In March 1, 1967 the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations was passed and made it so that companies must have safety standards. This department made it so that people would be protected from faulty vehicles and their designs. In my personal experience I did not know very much about how the government conducted their duties in regards to motor companies.

In reading the article and searching for laws that apply to our safety in regards to motor companies I have reached a conclusion that we as consumers have to be aware of specific laws that are there to protect us from harm. The motor companies may not find the problem right away and they may only find it when someone gets into an accident due to a faulty vehicle. It is important to understand that there are important regulations that motor companies have to follow and most importantly the laws.


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Health Care Prompt 2

When I first learned about the Affordable Care Act I wasn’t outraged and neither were my parents. We know many people who fall below the poverty line who has had children that needed to be hospitalized and placed on medication. If it wasn’t for the ACA, they would not have been able to afford it. Many of them work at the warehouse my family runs. They are hardworking people and yet they still don’t make enough. With the ACA they got the help that they needed and removed some of the stress that they have to carry every day.

By 2018 it is estimated that 15 million more people would be uninsured under the new legislation because the penalty of not having insurance would be eliminated. By 2026, 49 million would be uninsured (Congressional Budget Office, 2017). Millions of people will be uninsured causing them to owe thousands of dollars if they have to seek medical attention. Many of them will not be able to afford to pay the cost of the medical bills due to the high cost. Just with an ambulance ride, it cost about 500-700 to take a ride. It’s going to lead people to be more in debt and many won’t pay the bills because they have families to take care of first. I think that the penalty for not having insurance should stay but reduce the cost of the penalty. A site that is reliable to look up more information would be on the http://www.medicaid.gov/affordable-care-act/index.html it’s one of the only few sites you can trust due to it being a governmental site and not a commercial or organization.