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Consumer Protection and Regulation Prompt

The time article on suicide by plane has two interesting ideas, but one of these will only serve to understand the crash rather than prevent it. Putting a camera in the cockpit could be a good idea for company policy to prevent liability as well, and preventing the problem by requiring two pilots could save lives and money, so a legal angle for those ideas may not even be needed. Many drivers in Russia use dashcams to simplify insurance problems due to an accident.

Food consumption is always going to be a hard thing to take care of, many people (including myself) dont pay enough attention to what they eat. Even with all of the information widely available on nutrition labels and websites like the FDA link about salt consumption.

Michelle Obama’s lunch program may have been targeted at improving the lunch served to students, but it made the situation worse in many states which were underfunded or caught off guard (http://www.npr.org/2017/05/01/526451207/trump-administration-rolls-back-2-of-michelle-obamas-signature-initiatives). Though i dont like most things that the Trump Administration does, giving states exemptions for certain parts of the law so that they can provide better options is a good thing.