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Health Care Post 2

When the Affordable Care Act first came out, I didn’t think much of it. I thought negatively about it just like every other middle-class person thought. But my outlook changed when I met my boyfriend. He has rheumatoid arthritis and goes in monthly for infusions which cost over $1,000 each month. He has had this since he was 14 and is almost 24. So when you add up the nine years and costs, the number sums up to be a high cost. Without heath care, my boy friend would have a hard time getting infusions.

So, with a new outlook, I think the best outtake from the Affordable Care Act itself that serves others is that, “it increases insurance quality, keeps rates the same even with pre-existing conditions, is required to accept all applicants, as well as improve distribution and accessibility” (Affordable Care Act, 2010).
A way to improve the law it what most people complain about the Act for. All the middle-class people feel unfair since they are paying for people who cannot, while people who are making millions barely notice the cost. It is hard for the middle-class families.
This is probably the hardest part of the act to understand because some people have a hard time paying extra insurance for the kid who over dossed on drugs for using recreational drugs but cannot afford the hospital bills. But what they don’t think about sometimes, is that they often are saving lives of children whose parents cant afford their kids cancer treatment bills and so forth. I myself, have a hard time understanding that as well.
But the most important thing, is that the bill gives everyone an opportunity and the help they need to get better. If I had arthritis like my boyfriend and was getting charged and arm and a leg each year to keep myself healthy, I would be sick all the time and in pain, because I can not afford it and neither can my parents.
He comes from a family below the poverty line, so before the Act came out, it was very hard for them and him. But the Heath Care Act really helped. To look more into the act and what it does, what is covered, and general costs, I found this great website: https://www.healthcare.gov/. The website seems to be clear and easy to navigate through and is an official government website which is important to have.