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Introduction Post

My name is Emily, right now I am a transfer student who got an Associate’s degree from Bellevue College in western Washington. I moved here not knowing anyone who lives in the area or goes to this school, but I came here because Central has one of the best nutrition programs in the state, and I am hoping to become a Registered Dietitian with a minor in public health.

My personal consumer health status is less than optimal. Being a poor college student with little time on my hands I tend to opt for cheaper and prepackaged food items. While this can sometimes mean things like kale chips and dried vegetables, it also means things like Cheetos and Oreos. The fact that college kids are sometimes offered a student discount at fast food chains does not help my health. I am also aware that the two eggs I used to eat for breakfast every morning came from a farm the much resembled one that you might see in a documentary such as “Forks and Knives”. My learning goals for this class are to learn exactly what consumer health is and how it would apply to my major. I then hope to be able to take what I have learned in this class and use it in my future public health and nutrition classes. After graduating, I hope to work in a field that applies nutrition to cancer research, or perhaps in designing the meal plans for public schools.

Two values that I hold are honesty and empathy. I am aware that humans mess up, it happens, a perfect human is a boring human. That is why I believe that honesty is so important, yes, we all screw up, but I believe honesty is a sign of a good character. Empathy is very important to me as well. I believe that we must be able to relate to other human beings, even those with experiences wildly different from our own. This allows me to try and understand the way that a person behaves from their point of view, rather than making assumptions or responding in an emotional way that usually ends up in a mess. However, I will admit that it is hard for me to get along with those who lack empathy. While I am trying to see things from this non-empathetic individual’s side, they are also seeing things from their side, and the conversation will go nowhere, and nothing will have been achieved.

I struggled to find two rights that I am certain Americans have. It appears everything I thought of, there was evidence to contradict it. Perhaps the closest I could come was the right to a trial when charged with a crime, and freedom of speech. However, in saying these things I am fully aware of the injustices of our legal systems, and how many people can “slip through the cracks” when it comes to a fair trial or be detained for expressing their opinions when not threatening or violent.

Two rights I believe that we should have but am not sure that we do have are the right to affordable health care, and the right to affordable secondary education. Health care is generally for survival, and secondary education allows a person to obtain a better paying job. Many people are unable to afford either. I will not get into the debate about Obamacare or how our current President is handling health care in the United States. However, I will state that thousands of people do not have access to health care and are suffering or dying because of it. And yet these people continue to suffer as only access to health care they may have is a free clinic. From a public health perspective, this is not okay. As for a college education, it is not affordable. Every student going to this school is aware of that fact. Even community college can be over $1,000 a quarter in just tuition alone. Trying to pay for books, housing, a car, insurance, food, and utilities on top of that is unreasonable to ask of 18-22-year olds or their parents. And yet it is nearly impossible to obtain a job that pays over $30,000 a year without a college degree. This leads to socioeconomic gaps that are too large to overcome, and to debt that will take the next five to thirty years to pay off after graduation.