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Glossary Building Post 1

After reading the Social and Market justice article, I learned exactly what they were and how it applies to consumer health spending. So this post connects with the last blog I posted about the topic.

I learned so much from the article and how eye opening it was for me, so I would like to include the two words in this glossary posts. I think more people need to understand the two as well as the motives of each one to make smarter consumer health choices.

Both are a value system in consumer health choices.

Market Justice = this is basically the typical get rich quick / step your way on others to reach the top idea when it comes to money and businesses. Businesses will do a lot of dirty things to rise to the top. As learned from the article, market justice is more of a self-serving and less regulated which means they can get away with a lot more.

Social Justice = this is the other definition or idea that looks out for the younger brother basically. Social justice is there to provide help to others and build the economy and the communities around it. It often thinks of others before its own well-being which helps it grow. It appears to be more ethically correct.

Ethics = when it comes to basically anything, ethics are essential in making decisions as well. When it comes to social and market justice, ethics lay a huge role. Ethic is the definitions of morals and values, whether having a negative or positive impact on things. It is very important to understand ethics in consumer health and the results/consequences of our consumer choices.

I really feel like these words are essential to understanding businesses and making smarter consumer health choices when a person feels torn on what to do and what to consume.


*The vocab I chose is from the piece the professor wrote  called Market Justice and Social Justice.