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Blogging for Public Health

Hi there, this isn’t my first blog post. I am currently a journalism student with a minor in photography. I am very excited to integrate my journalism skills with this class because there are a lot of similarities with facts and reporting especially to better update people and bring worldly issues to attention.

I have never taken a  Public Health course, so I am excited to see what I can learn and how it can improve my degree in journalism and knowledge. I hope this blogging technique will also improve my writing skills, since I have only been blogging for a quarter.

I personally, am a saver not a spender. Some would consider me a hoarder, but then when it comes down to spring clean, I get rid of everything. I would love to be up to date with the latest trends and in’s going on around the world and with my peers, but my saving habits often keeps me from participating in being trendy.

When it comes to technology, I think we can all agree that we are more consumers than we ever have been in the world. I am guilty of this, as I am on my phone half the time without realizing it.

Some values I have would be one: working hard. Sometimes I work to hard, which can be a draw back, but at the end of the day, the best feeling to have is “I did my best, and that is all I can do.” I am not good at a lot of things, but I like to try hard and work hard as best as I can. Through trying, I have learned a lot and indeed have opened mind to a lot of things.

Another value I have is kindness. Living in the world we have today can be a bit scary, as government and world news and attacks are becoming more and more common. When times like this occur it is easy to be rude and self centered, which I myself am guilty of as well. But then I think where does this get me? It is better to be patient and have an open heart. We all have our struggles and never know what is going on in others lives.

One right Americans have is freedom. I know some people wont agree with me on this but you can not look at it as in the government controlling. There will always be a censorship we wont have, but Americans are not walking out of their house everyday in fear that a hidden bomb is going to go off and having plans flying around their house. Have you read news about Syria and Mosul? I would never leave my house if I could. We have the right to play sports, girls have more rights than they did back centuries ago, we have a lot going for us that we miss because we are focusing on the bad. It is important to be informed of course, but not let it cloud what we already have.

Another right I feel I have is the ability to work. No matter what, a degree or not a degree, Americans still have the right to earn money. In some countries, that is hard, especially being a woman.  I am just happy I can work while working towards a degree which will enhance my pay one day but it also allows me to become an all around person through all the experience I have had working at various places. Again, it goes with the value of working hard and trying news things and saying, “Yes, I have done that.”

Honestly, Americans do not have a big right of freedom of speech. Being a journalism student, I have learned a lot about the 1st Amendment and for how many rules and how many different cases have different levels of scrutiny is very unnerving. It is all grey, and no black and white. So how can we be exactly sure we have freedom of speech especially with everyone being so sensitive to everything these days.

The last right we should have is owning a house at an affordable cost. Today, I am hearing more and more about how high house prices are getting and how less and less people are able to buy a house or even losing their house. The homeless rate in Seattle is increasing and the average cost of a house in Seattle is now $700,000 according to a recent news article. That is almost $1 million. If owning a house is the American dream, why is becoming almost impossible for people to get one even with having well paid jobs.