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Market Justice and Social Justice

Sorry to post a little late. It has been a crazy week especially with the 4th of July being on Tuesday. I hoper everyone enjoyed the holiday and was safe.

As for the article, I found it very interesting how the use of language and ideas changes words because the example of a market has changed over the past couple years. Now, I dont use the stock market quite yet, because I am still in college. However, more and more people often think of the stock market instead of a grocery store or a farmers market.

Just in a couple years, our perception of a market has changed from a physical form of the store market to something that is used on the computer as well as gaining money, whereas the store┬ámarket we don’t usually gain money.

Knowing the difference between market justice and social justice can be very essential in making consumer health decisions. Knowing the vocabulary and ideas centered around them can help make good choices. From the article, social justice if helping others, the community around them and building together, whereas, market justice is all about the business basically. Just like most businesses, it is all about the money.

If we can be more knowledgeable about businesses and franchises based on these two ideas, then we could make many smart choices when it comes to consumer health. Knowing market justice has more of a self-interest goal while social justice seeks to help everyone, can help better the economy and grow when it comes to consumer health.