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CP & R Prompt One

How well do you believe you are protected as a consumer in that area? What do you know and not know? What agency or law would probably be most relevant to learn something about? What’s most important to share with other consumers about this issue area and the consumer protection it appears we have or don’t have?

Safety recalls are very important, and as a consumer I would hope that when there is a significant safety issue with a product that the solution would be put in place as soon as possible.  After reading a few of the articles I both do and do not feel protected as a consumer. I feel protected in that the safety regulations are being put in place, but the length of time it takes to implement updated safety regulations or fixes to products is a bit concerning. There is also the issue that companies generally do the bare minimum when dealing with a safety recall. For example, in reading about the recall of Toyota cars, I like that the solution has been put forth, but its implementation is taking a long time to actually solve the issue. It seems like the idea of the fix is there, but it has not been executed in a timely manner. As a consumer I know that products can be recalled, nothing is perfect. I also know that companies are consistently working to make things safer for consumers. A relevant source for learner further about this matter would be the NHTSA as they issue motor vehicle safety laws to Congress. If I were to educate another consumer on this issue I would provide them details regarding safety regulations and recalls, refer them to look into the NHTSA and current updates to safety laws, and I would express to them how important it is to pay attention as a consumer as safety regulations are generally a bare minimum effort to keep a company from falling into legal trouble.


The article that stood out to me the most was about automobile safety recall. When you buy a car, you expect it to be in top conditions, the last thing you want is to receive a letter in the mail saying your mode of transportation has a safety recall.

I think that as a consumer of Toyota products, I’m fairly protected since Toyota has a longstanding reputation of putting quality products on the market for a long period of time.

I know that they are pretty heavily regulated and have a rigorous process they have to go through in order to continue with production for mass consumption. I don’t know what the quality assurance/testing process is or how the reporting process works as far as defective parts.

I would think that the NHTSA is relevant to learn more about because they are responsible for issuing Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to Congress in order implement laws that support safety.

It is important to understand that although safety regulations are issued, they are typically the bare minimum necessary in order to move forward with production. That being said, there is always more control in what you can do in being proactive with the more knowledge you obtain so that you can make adjustments in your everyday life.



Consumer Protection & Regulation – Prompt 1

After looking over the different articles I found the article concerning Walmart’s announcement to phase-out hazardous chemicals most intriguing. Since I had found out that I was pregnant I became very cautious and aware of the products I utilized as a consumer. I also plan to be this way when my little guy is born and it is eye-opening to see that products used everyday and of such popular brands have such harmful chemicals in them.

As a consumer I feel that I am not protected as much as I would like to be. This is because labels are just that labels. They hopefully reveal all that is in a product, but they also provide so much information on them that a consumer would be overwhelmed with the amount they’d have to Google before purchasing that item. For myself, I look at labels and for the most part it is a lot of language, so I Google what I don’t know. It would probably be in my best interest to learn or become better familiar with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the Toxic Control Substances Act, and the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition. All of these agencies and acts were introduced in the article provided by USA Today, which can serve as a great introduction to the issue. The knowledge of these agencies and acts combined with knowledge of products or chemicals that are hazardous to us are what can help us be healthier consumers. This issue is a lot to consider when going shopping for day-to-day products, but even simple awareness like looking closer at labels can really help us be better consumers for ourselves and those we care about.


Challenge – Two options. Learn about an FDA decision that could hugely impact consumers!

Ok, so you’ve read about consumer protection and regulation. What? You HAVEN’T? Why don’t you visit the CP&R Matters page right now?!

Ok, so NOW you know a little bit about how regulation of industries can help protect people as consumers, AND can even help industries be safer and more viable.

Take a look at this piece by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) about what’s happening right now in the world of food labels – spoiler alert: It’s not good. The American public was supposed to have access starting in 2018 to better information about serving sizes, sugar, and other aspects of packaged products that are tasty, cheap, and fun but not all that great for our health. In fact, some food product manufacturers had already changed their labels to meet the new regulation’s requirements earlier. Now the Food and Drug Administration (the agency whose job it is to protect people by providing information about ingredients, allergens, and other things you want to know about packaged food choices) is planning to delay the new rules until at least 2020.

Here’s an example of a product with the new food label. Note the differences between it and an old/current label (meaning MOST package labels right now). Get a sense of WHY it’s more helpful for you as a consumer.


Food labels CHALLENGE One: Try talking with someone you care about about what they know and understand about packaged food and beverage products. Ask them to look at an “old” label and this new one, for example, and have them tell you what they really want when it comes to food packaging info. Write a post discussing how the conversation went and what you learned by exploring food labels and information both on your own and with someone else. As always, use your username and Challenge as tags, and choose the Challenge category. (Oh, and UNchoose the uncategorized category!)

Food labels CHALLENGE Two: If you’re interested ENOUGH, and want to take action as a consumer to raise your voice, take a look at this “model letter” to the FDA Commissioner, provided by CSPI. Then visit the Federal Register Comment space for the labeling regulation delay, and add a comment of your own. Write a post that shares your comment, and discuss how it felt to be an active, informed, and aware citizen around this consumer health issue. As always, use your username and Challenge as tags, and choose the Challenge category. (Oh, and UNchoose the uncategorized category!)