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Glossary Post

  • VBAC- Vaginal Birth After C-Section 
  • Intervention approach to Birth 
  • Midwifery 

The choice to have a vaginal birth (Natural birth) after a c-section (surgical procedure for delivery through incision) is up for debate. Over the last decade, delivery by c-section has become increasingly common. In some states  women who previously had a C-section delivery are often denied the option of having a vaginal birth their next time. The reasons for this range from hospital policies, to a lack of doctors willing to do it. This is because of the possible medical and legal risks involved. It has been stated that a vaginal birth after c-section is not as risky as original assumed. Roughly half of women who had a c-section report being interested in a vaginal birth. By allowing women to choose how they would like to give birth introduces an opportunity for women to take part in their health care and invest in their bodies. This could make some headway into drawing more attention to women’s health and sexual health.

The previous term can fit in perfectly to the intervention approaches to child birth. Intervention approaches to birth are various assistance by medical provides in the process of pregnancy and birth. This can include c-section, induction, episiotomy, and VBAC bans. These interventions are used for specific medical needs and or hospital policies. Mothers who have of specific medical needs, or who have a birth plan can also receive access to midwifery services. Midwifes are female (usually) nurses trained to assist women in childbirth. They are there to assist women during and post pregnancy to ensure all birth plans run smoothly. Most people do not know that they qualify for midwifery services through their health care insurance. Many insurances in Washington state cover midwifery services. It is important for women, especially mother expecting new babies to be aware of their barriers, options and qualification. We must truly utilize our resources because to could alter our quality of life even in the smallest way. We should get what we pay for.


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Kittitas County Community Health Assessment – take the survey and share it!

Hi Consumer Health folks –

Here’s a GREAT opportunity to help contribute to community health, and that of course makes sense as a healthy consumer, right? (We ALL want our community to be a healthier place!)

Live in Kittitas County? Then YOU should speak up about community health and quality of life!

We need your input as part of the 2017 Kittitas County Community Health Assessment (CHA)!

It’s easy. Just complete a brief electronic survey, which you can take in about 10 minutes. Pssst – if you take the survey, you can enter to win one of three $50 gift certificates from the Chamber of Commerce!

The survey closes October 31, so why not take it today?

English version:

Spanish version:

The last local CHA took place in 2011-12, so we don’t get this chance to give community input every day. Please participate, and help get the word out by sharing this information with others, to make our 2017 data the best yet!

Want to learn more? Visit the Kittitas County CHA/CHIP Facebook page, or contact Tristen Lamb, Health Promotion Specialist at Kittitas County Public Health, at 509-962-7029.