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my intro

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jozelle! I am a student here at CWU, in my last year of majoring in Public Health! I am a pretty active person, I enjoy going to the gym, volunteering, working, etc. If I were to describe my personal consumer health I would label myself as being pretty healthy and open to the changes currently occurring in the public health area. From this class specifically I hope to learn the importance and role that consumer health has towards society and on individuals specifically. I found that within Public Health we do a lot of promoting and educating and one goal specifically regarding this course would be to see how it ties into where and/or how we educate that within the public. For example, in what ways do we present consumer health? To what extend? And to whom?

Some values I hold are making sure the importance of an individuals health comes first and being able to support an individuals rights and follow through with them throughout any situation. Another would be finding the right resources that correspond with an individuals needs.

Intro- Celine

Hi, my name is Celine and I’m a senior here at CWU majoring in Public Health with a specialization in Population Health and a minor in Spanish. After I graduate this Spring, I hope to complete my internship and move to California to pursue my career. I am not sure exactly what I want to do with my degree but I am very open minded and versatile so I believe I can succeed and find something to like in any job.

As a consumer, I would not say I am very aware of what I purchase but I am hoping this class will give me some insight and tips on how to be a healthier consumer. Like many others have said on here, I am a broke college student and I often opt to buy the more convenient and cheaper goods such as frozen fruits, veggies and processed foods. I admit I do eat out a lot, especially when I am on the go and I also work in a restaurant so I am always eating meals from there too!

Two values that are important to me are kindness and family. Being kind to every person regardless of any sort of characteristic is something I find very important. I always go by the saying “treat others how you would like to be treated”. My family is also very near and dear to my heart and we have a very close relationship with each other so my family values are very strong.

Two rights that I am certain about are freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Having the right to speech is important because it gives people a chance to speak out on injustice and make what ever statement you are trying to make. I know right now in the U.S. it seems as though all religions may not be “accepted”, but we really are allowed to believe and practice any religion we want to. Coming from a home with a Hindu mother and a Christian father, this right is very relevant in my life.

One right I think we should have are the right to health care Healthcare is important because there any many people without it who cant afford preventative care, so they often end up in a more expensive treatment paid for by taxpayers. If we invest in primary care, our health as a nation would eventually get better. I also think that everyone should have an equal opportunity to obtain a not only primary and secondary education, but college as well (without having to spend an arm and a leg).


Intro Post


Hello everyone!  My name is Amanda. I am just now figuring out how Word Press works.  I have never used a site like this, so I hope that I post this in the right spot!  Anyway, this is my first quarter studying at CWU.  I finished my AA at Pierce College and am looking forward to graduating with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies.  I am married, have one daughter, and have another daughter on the way.  She will be here by October 9th!  I have worked as a paralegal for the past 12 years.  After I graduate from CWU, I plan to move on to a law clerk program and eventually (within the next 5 years) sit for the bar and become a lawyer.


Intro Post – Shania

Hi everyone, my name is Shania Florencio. I’m a senior here at CWU majoring in psychology and minoring in public health. I joined this course a little late but I’m excited to learn more about consumer health. I love having psychology as a background in my public health courses because I really get to see how our physical health can affect our emotional/mental health. I’m still not sure what exactly I’ll do after graduating, but I know that everything I have learned in my psychology and public health courses will be beneficial to me.

I believe that my consumer health status is improving compared to a couple months ago. Even though money is tough as a college student living off campus, I find myself reaching more for nutritious foods other than cheap, unhealthy ones. I know that eating foods that are fresh, not processed, and don’t have a bunch of suspicious ingredients in it, will improve my energy level, skin, and my health in the long run. I am also into skincare, so I avoid most dairy products because I noticed that it can cause me to break out a lot. I do treat myself with some ice cream once in a while and deal with the breakout for the next few days. My consumer health status has also improved because I’ve started working out a lot more. This summer, I made it a goal to go to the gym and do cardio or weight train at least 4 times a week. After moving back to Ellensburg, I’ve kept that goal and have been making it a point to fit exercising into my busy school schedule!

Family and respect are two values that I hold. I grew up very family-oriented, and it has always been my top priority. My family raised me on the importance of not only respecting others, but also respecting myself. I believe that respecting others includes having an open mind to others beliefs and opinions.

One of the rights I am certain that we all have is Freedom of Speech. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions and are free to say whatever they want. Another right that we have is the right to bear arms. Many choose to carry a weapon to protect themselves, or sometimes just to carry it.

A right that I believe everyone SHOULD have is healthcare. Many people do not have insurance, live close to an area where they can receive care when they need it, or understand the importance of receiving regular and proper healthcare. Another big factor in people not getting the healthcare they need is because it is expensive. Freedom to speak your native language is another right I believe we should all have. There are thousands of different languages in the world, and it is completely unfair that people get mistreated for speaking a different language.

Hello, my name is Jessica Sanchez this is my first year attending CWU, I enrolled in this course because I am interested in majoring in Public Health mainly because I want to learn valuable information that will help me make healthy choice as well as to help others to make those healthy choices too. I want to be able to communicate to people the information and preventive measures that can help them add years and health to their lives.

Regarding my personal consumer health I try to have a healthy diet, I do this by avoiding highly processed foods as much as I can, of course I still consume processed foods because it is somewhat difficult to find the healthiest foods in the market. However, Some of the steps I take towards having a healthier diet are  buying organic food products. Also, recently  I stopped drinking cows milk and decided to consume non-GMO almond milk, basically I try to purchase most non-GMO products.

Two of the most important values for me are love and empathy, this is because if we love ourselves we are more likely to make choices that are going to benefit us, and thus making us live a healthier and happier life. I believe empathy is another important value this is because if we are  able to develop the capacity to understand and share the feelings of another person from their perspective we are going to be more interested in helping them in any way we can, thus creating a more healthy and harmonious environment.

I would consider the right of life, the right of freedom of speech, and the right freedom of religion to be the most important rights we posses. The freedom to live for example is the most important for obvious reasons. As for freedom of speech, it is important because it enable us to express our thought and ideas about everything, especially to express our opinions on social issues that affect each and everyone of us. By expressing our opinions, ideas, etc… we can actually make hopefully beneficial changes in the world. Moreover, freedom of religion is another important human right as religion can be an essential part of the lives of many people.

In addition to the rights we have I believe everyone should have to right to free healthcare, regardless of their age, sex, class etc. .. this is because we have to be aware that not everyone has the same opportunities mostly due to the stratification system in our country. Some people do not even have money for their basic needs to be met, let alone for costly visits to a health care professional and for highly expensive treatments. So, if people had free health care it would save many lives and they would have an improvement in their overall quality of life. Another right that we should have is the right to free education, as I mentioned before not everyone has the financial means to obtain higher education and because of this many people with great talent lack the opportunity to get the education they need to be able to make great contributions to not just their life but to our society. Some of those contributions could even make important changes in the world.




Intro Post

Hello! My name is Erika B. (I just now figured out how to post on here.. hence all of the editing..) I am a transfer student from Wenatchee Valley College starting on my Junior year and am planning to major in Public Health. This is my first quarter taking public health courses which means I am slightly unfamiliar with the concepts but I can’t wait to learn! Ideally, I would like to receive my masters in Epidemiology.

I would consider my current consumer health status ‘okay’ or healthy. I don’t exercise as much as I would like to or use to, and I do try to eat healthy. I’ve taken nutrition courses that have helped in getting a general understanding of portion control and what portions of food I should be eating a day rather than just eating the first thing I see when I’m hungry. I walk to school everyday and take the stairs instead of the elevator. I am definitely a homebody, and this is my first time away from home so I am still adjusting to the new environment and being away from my parents for the first time.

A couple of values that I hold are: effort and respect. The outcome is solely reliant on the amount of effort you put into something, whether it’s doing your job right for the hundredth time or studying for an exam in a new subject. It is also important to always respect others opinions and views even when you disagree.

One right we have as American’s is the right to vote. Another important one is freedom of speech. We are free to post whatever we’d like on social media. One right that I believe we should have is equal treatment between the different social classes. Another right I believe we should have is tax-free women’s hygiene products.

Intro Post

Hi! My name is Jasmine and I am a fifth year student at Central Washington University. I am double majoring in Public health with a specialization in population health, as well as Dance performance. In April of 2017, i has the opportunity to travel to Eugene Oregon to attend the American College Dance Association Conference. At this conference i was asked to represent CWU by having my own original dance choreography adjudicated.  This conference brought several universities together to share new thoughts and ideas, as well as create new connections within the dance community. It was an amazing experience! My goal is to enter into the public health field. All aspects of public health truly interest and inspire me. Although i do not have a specific area of interest within public health, i hope that in my last few courses in the major i can be inspired and figure what i want to do.

Fun fact about me! This December i am gearing up travel to Cambodia and Thailand to volunteer with their communities, learn the culture and work on two elephant sanctuaries. There we will be apart of elephant conservation, as well as take part in fighting against local logging industries.  I am very anxious to get going on this trip, and even more excited to learn and work with a new community unlike my own.

My personal consumer science changes as i become older. I am currently a full time student and work part time. What i buy often depends on what i can afford. when budgeting it is difficult to be conscious of everything you purchase. Consumer health is important when considering availability and accessibility. at the end of this class i hope to become more knowledgeable on what consumer health really means and how i can make a difference at all times (Big or small).

There are several personal values i like to think i withhold, so it is difficult to pair down to just two. Compassion and empathy are just two that come to mind. These are two values that can go hand and hand. These are values that encourage patients, understanding, respect and support for one another. Communities are built by unique individuals and families with unique needs. It is important to build connections with one another to help ensure a supportive and inclusive community for all people of all backgrounds.

Two rights i believe people deserve as individuals is the right to their health and freedom to individual thought.  All should have the right to take care of their bodies, their families health and their well-being. Everyone should have the right to express their individuality and creativity, while being able to contribute individual ideas to their community. Individuality is what makes the world interesting.

Two rights i think people should have are the right to health care and the right to seek shelter or safety in places other than their homes. As a community it is important to take care of one another. As a country and as people we should want to see one another healthy, happy and safe. communities must protect each other and others who seek help. i believe a community will only be as strong as its weakest link. My view is that all should be willing to fight for one another to ensure we up hold strong values and basic rights.





Getting To Know Me

Hi guys!

My name is Kelsey and I am a senior at CWU. I have attended here all four years of my undergrad and I am majoring in Nutrition. I will finish this winter and hopefully find work over on the west side of the mountains. In high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I just knew the right thing to do was to get an education. After coming here, I fell in love with nutrition. I now plan to work for the National School Lunch Program in the near future and hope to regulate and change some poor decisions that have been made regarding school lunches.

As a consumer, I am not doing my best. Like many other college students, I have a significantly small bank account. I wish it was probably for me to purchase locally grown fresh produce weekly or to grow my own. However, I unfortunately have no garden space to work with in my tiny home that I am renting and opt to buy the cheaper frozen fruits and vegetables that last me much longer than fresh ones. I also have to say that I consume a lot of frozen and farmed meats. I know, as a nutrition major you all probably think I am crazy. But, I’m telling you guys I do the best that I can with the funds I have.

As a learner, it is extremely important to me that I get every ounce out of my knowledge that I can. I am very excited to take this class because I know that I really do need to work on my consumer health. I would really like to gain the knowledge I need to be the best consumer I can be and to improve the health and sustainability of the world I live in.

When It comes to values, I find it extremely hard to pick just a few of the most important ones to me. Narrowing it down is challenging although, I know for certain that two of the most important ones to me are, devotion and forgiveness. When it comes to devotion I think it is important to consistently stay devoted to the things that are important to you. For example, school is extremely important to me. Some days are good and some days are bad but my devotion to my school work never changes or decreases because I know the outcomes is great. This can also go along with friends and relationships as well. When people are important to us, our devotion to them I’m extremely important regardless of the good and the bad. Which brings me into forgiveness. I think that is a part of devotion. On our bad days we may need someone to forgive us, and on their bad days we may need to forgive them. It ties back into treat others how you would like to be treated.

When it comes to our rights there are a few that I think of right away. That is the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. Both of these are extremely prominent in the United States and we see them daily. Two rights I wish we did have are the right to healthcare, so many people would benefit from this. I also think it would be beneficial to have the right to free public transportation. A large number of people would benefit from this is numerous ways.

Hi, my name is Erica Lianne.

This is my last quarter at CWU and when it’s all said and done I’ll be an IDS Major with a Sociology Minor. I got married this year and am due to give birth to my little guy in December. It has been a very exciting year for me and I cannot wait for December to finally roll around!

My personal consumer health right now is at the top of my priorities. I am constantly looking for healthier choices, exercising as much as I can and putting very limited beauty products on my hair or skin. From this class I hope to better understand what my role as a consumer is to my health. I hope to discover ways to better my life physically, emotionally and intellectually.

I am first a daughter, now a wife and soon a mother. Family is a value that I hold very dear to my heart. For me my family has always been a constant in life and that is a comfort of mine. No matter what could possibly happen, I know that in my life and in my heart that I will always have my family. Secondly, I value others, like all of you. We cannot learn simply from ourselves, but from others as well. I believe that if we choose not to interact with others we are only cheating ourselves from the lessons or knowledge that can be shared.

A right I am certain we all have is the freedom of speech. If we did not have this right we would not be able to share our ideas with another here. Our thoughts would be silenced and the world would be at a stand still. Another right I think we are all entitled to is the right to identify as we wish. Who’s right is it to decide how we identify ourselves? We define ourselves and make our lives as we see fit.

Although I believe we have a right to define ourselves and make our lives as we see fit in reality there are some things that aren’t a right to everyone. One right I feel everyone should have in order to live life is health insurance regardless of their income, race, ethnicity, gender or other categories. We all need to realize that in order for us to all be able to live our lives we have to maintain our individual health. In order to do this we all need to be able to access healthcare. Another right I feel everyone should have is the right to an education regardless of their citizenship or immigration status. Education is our key to a better life and by revoking that right from some individuals we are taking that opportunity away from them. We are changing the course of their life rather than them changing the course of their life.

intro- first blog post


My name is Brenda and I just transferred to Central to hopefully finish my social science (IDS) degree. One of the things that I hope to accomplish with my major is having the ability to help others. Before I started college, I wanted to pursue a degree in the medical field for the same reasons, but then I realized that I wouldn’t be 100% committed to all the intense science courses. Anyway, I hope to help victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse by working with my local New Hope agency.

As far as my consumer health status goes.. it is something that I am constantly trying to work on. I am not trying to pressure myself into following a certain method, so I am trying to improve my overall lifestyle in small changes. As far as buying groceries, my family and I try to incorporate fresh produce and local, when possible. We grow our own veggies, so we know how fresh and free of chemicals they are. Of course this is not always possible, so we often try to buy the “healthiest” options of what we’re looking for.

My goals for now are to make sure that I am giving, or at least doing my best to give 100% at my full-time job and full-time school course load. I am also hoping to have time to volunteer at New Hope as much as I can, so that I can continue to learn about my career path.

Family and patience are two things I truly value, and that I am always working on. I want to focus on the bigger picture as opposed to stressing out or losing my patience on the little things. Family is everything to me and they are part of the reason why I continue my education.

Two rights that I can think of are freedom of speech and freedom of religion. We are able to express our opinions as well as religious choices. Two rights that I believe we should have are the ability to give everyone a higher education and healthcare. I know there are people out there that would love to go to college, but can’t because they cannot afford it despite having full-time jobs.