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Glossary Post 4

Food Culture

Food Environment

Eating Patterns 

Food culture is a lot of things. It is how you grew up eating. It is how you grew up shopping. it is also what has been available to you most of your life. It is how the people around you cook. All of these things have taught you how to feed yourself when you grew up. It is hard to break routine and cravings, and sometimes that is not always necessary. Moderation and balance is what is necessary. We all have the comfort food that makes us think of home. But if that food isn’t the best for you health, it doesn’t mean it needs to go, you just means you have to make room for things better for you.

Food Environment is Schedules, Work/school places, Living situations, Neighborhoods, Finances, Social influences, Politics,  and Industry. All of these things can effect your behavior, your internal stress and time management. All of these things can have a huge effect on the weight management and diet. If you can take control of your life in one or more of these aspects, it could help a lot with  your diet and health outcome.

Eating patterns can be effected by Preference, Habit/Tradition, Social pressure, Availability, Convenience and Economy and more. These things are not as changeable, but can we worked around with some effort. Being aware of what you have and what you can work with can effect your outcome when it comes to diet and health changes. Even the smallest change can make a difference.

Glossary Post 3

Moral obligation and self-identity

Theory of Planned Behavior

sustainable consumers

Moral obligation and self-identity- the process of knowing what we should do vs. how we view or want to view ourselves. This process is being aware of yourself and the changes that need to be done. What will allow people to fully make that change. What is the biggest barrier people face when they know what they should be doing? The first step is to acknowledge it, then the second step is to make an attempt.

Theory of planned behavior is the constructs of attitudes, subjective norms, perceived behavioral control, & intention. This entails that there might be a relationship between the outcomes of peoples actions and the reality of their behaviors, intentions, norms and attitudes. If we cab improve a persons attitude and behavioral control, could that have an effect on their willingness participate in a desired action.

Sustainable consumers is a term that implies that a person is willing to meet their own needs, but does not lose sight of the needs of others in the long-term. There can be a balance. If people made conscious decisions that would positively impact not only themselves in the future, but others too, i believe that their would be a lot less stress and concern in peoples lives.


Glossary Post 2

New Drug Application (NDA)


Patent Protection and Generics 

New Drug Applications a generally only used for “Me too” drugs. Me too drugs are generic and cheaper drugs that are very similar to the original.  This will often result in no benefits to the consumer, in fact it raises prices even higher. at a public health stand point, we have to wonder who has the patients best interest in mind. we want people to take care of their bodies, but how can we encourage those who can’t afford it?

DTC ads stands for direct to consumer ads. DTC ads are advertisements for pharmaceuticals.  The FDA as set standards for DTC ads, stating what they must state about their product. It is easy to attract consumers through commercial advertising, so it is important to be as honest as possible. Those who show interest in drugs they learned about through DTC ads have the right to know what they taking and what they might be risking. Those who fallow through with these interests should be advised to consult with their medical provider.

Patent drugs are drugs that are claimed by license or right during the development process. No one else can sell a drug like it until the patent expires. After this happens, other manufactures can apply to sell its generic. Patents often allow for higher prices. this brings up an initial issues of whether or not the right intention is there.

Glossary Post

  • VBAC- Vaginal Birth After C-Section 
  • Intervention approach to Birth 
  • Midwifery 

The choice to have a vaginal birth (Natural birth) after a c-section (surgical procedure for delivery through incision) is up for debate. Over the last decade, delivery by c-section has become increasingly common. In some states  women who previously had a C-section delivery are often denied the option of having a vaginal birth their next time. The reasons for this range from hospital policies, to a lack of doctors willing to do it. This is because of the possible medical and legal risks involved. It has been stated that a vaginal birth after c-section is not as risky as original assumed. Roughly half of women who had a c-section report being interested in a vaginal birth. By allowing women to choose how they would like to give birth introduces an opportunity for women to take part in their health care and invest in their bodies. This could make some headway into drawing more attention to women’s health and sexual health.

The previous term can fit in perfectly to the intervention approaches to child birth. Intervention approaches to birth are various assistance by medical provides in the process of pregnancy and birth. This can include c-section, induction, episiotomy, and VBAC bans. These interventions are used for specific medical needs and or hospital policies. Mothers who have of specific medical needs, or who have a birth plan can also receive access to midwifery services. Midwifes are female (usually) nurses trained to assist women in childbirth. They are there to assist women during and post pregnancy to ensure all birth plans run smoothly. Most people do not know that they qualify for midwifery services through their health care insurance. Many insurances in Washington state cover midwifery services. It is important for women, especially mother expecting new babies to be aware of their barriers, options and qualification. We must truly utilize our resources because to could alter our quality of life even in the smallest way. We should get what we pay for.


Birth slides


Food Prompt 1

As i get older, i notice my body reacting differently in ways that i know might be correlated to my diet. “you are what you eat” is a saying that makes more sense as i start to become more health and food conscious. Most of the articles i have read about food habits and diets have mentioned that people (Americans) eat more and more convenient. Eating is now a pass time. Snacking has taken the place of full meals.  We are obsessed with what looks good and tastes good oppose to what is good for us.  What will it take to bring back the importance of making a full balanced meal and eating it company?

in a poll conducted in December regarding food labeling, many people reported wanting more food labels listing calories on places like restaurant menus and grocery stores. They stated feeling more confident and likely to make healthier food choices if they could see the calories listed on the menu. More woman than men are likely to report being in favor of wanting food labels on restaurant menus. While men do not speak out directly, most are in favor of food labels on menus at a sit-down restaurant as well. Many people reported already having the knowledge of how to make healthy food choices when grocery shopping which was a shock to me. So, what needs to happen to really encourage people to always be conscious of what they consume? if people are truly knowledgeable to make the right decisions then why don’t they?  what needs to be done to not only aid people to make the right dietary choices, but want to make the right dietary choices.

Although the choice to eat healthy is a personal decision, we do not decide between the options we have to pick from. In order to make an impact on physical health and childhood obesity in America. We have to consider the quality and nutritional value of the foods offered. Food makes a journey from the production facility/farm all the way to your home and on your dinner plate. It is important to be aware of the products we are buying and serving to our selves and our families. To be able to track the journey of your food means to be able to ensure people are capable of making good diet choices.




Early Life and Childhood/Youth

Becoming a new or expecting parent can bring various emotions. it is a happy time, an exciting time and a very scary time. Companies have a way of advertising products so well in our every day lives that we don’t even notice their presents. We don’t even know how we are being pushed to buy products, we just think we need it. Most expecting mothers and parents want the best for their babies and their children, so they are willing to get the best  or what they “think” is the best. A big contributor to a happy and healthy life is awareness. To be aware means to know your risks, know you options and know your rights.  Parents who are conscious of the products they buy, the care they receive, and the law and polices that effect their lives, will have a more positive outcome to the conception and birth of their children.  New parents are vulnerable and because of this, they are often taken advantage of. Every parent can choose their path, starting from preconception to prenatal to after birth. There needs to be improvement in the amount of awareness that is spread throughout every community, lower class to upper class to help new parents avoid unnecessary negative outcomes.

A resource most people, new mothers and parents do not know is that there is a high chance they are qualified for midwifery services. Most insurances, including Medicare qualify for midwifery services. A midwife is a professionals who specializes in Midwifery. They specialize in women’s sexual health,  pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum,  and child care. Midwives are a resource for new mothers and parents to use through the process of their pregnancy. Midwives can assist in creating specific pregnancy and birth plans for the mother, as well as after care for the child. This service allows a one-on-one care for the mother to ensure she is getting the unique care she needs to give birth to a healthy baby.  If people were more a aware of their eligibility for a service like this, as well as it process and benefits, they may be more inclined to utilize it. The benefits of using professionals and programs like these more could have a very positive impact on the health outcomes of expecting mothers and newborns.

For those who are trying to become pregnant and or are pregnant MUST  do their research on the medications and medical information they are receiving from any other source other than their medical provider. Although there are regulations for direct-to-consumer drug advertising (DTC), There is still an issue with falsely advertised medical products and information spreading around the wed. When it comes to fertility websites and clinic websites targeted towards women’s health, this problems becomes a bigger concern. Women’s health and sexual health is still a topic for debate when it comes to quality health care and access/availability. We continue to try and shine a bigger light on this topic and guide women to take control of their own bodies and health outcomes. If we allow inaccurate information to spread around the web, we are pushing women in the wrong direction that could result in serious health conditions and outcomes. By pushing even stricter regulations on DTC, it could help lead women to the web locations that actually provide accurate and helpful health and fertility information. The next step is to bring awareness to new mothers and women on how to access this accurate info and how to pick out what might be useful and what might be inaccurate. Women must be confident in taking their health into their own hands, and their has to be ways to ensure they can do that safely and effectively.



Early Childhood Slides

Irimia R, Gottschling M (2016) Taxonomic revision of Rochefortia Sw. (Ehretiaceae, Boraginales). Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e7720. (n.d.). doi:10.3897/bdj.4.e7720.figure2f


Healthcare Prompts:

Prompt 1

I believe the best aspect of the current ACA is the amount of access and coverage that has been added and improved for all Americans, but women and children specifically. With the current ACA, women now have access to all kinds of health and maternity health services that can severely impact the quality of their lives and their families lives in very positive ways. Services offered to women currently no matter their SES, include Family planning, Preventative services (Birth control, Cancer Screenings), Maternity Services, Prescription drug coverage gaps and more. Children can now stay on their parent’s medical coverage until age 26. Through Medicaid, young, uninsured individuals and families can access services that are targeted to improve health and well-being. I believe the best opportunity for improving the way the law works for most ordinary consumers is to make Americans more aware of their options. It is possible that most uninsured individuals are unaware of options and services available to them. If Americans knew what they qualified for they may save themselves a lot of stress and worry. I believe the next step is to improve the number of qualified applicants utilizing these services while they last. They goal is to make sure all Americans have the right to lead happy. healthy lives.

I believe the best thing for a friend to know is that they should always apply for Medicaid or an insurance coverage plan even if THINK they don’t qualify. According to, Some states have expanded their Medicaid programs to cover everyone with incomes below a certain level. Other states have yet to do this. So, if you qualify for Medicaid all depends on if your state has expended their program. You can qualify for Medicaid based on factors such as, your income, household size, disability, family status, and other factors. Every state has different eligibility standards. If the state you live in has not expanded their Medicaid, and you believe your income qualifies for Medicaid, make sure to still apply for medical coverage because you may qualify for another coverage plan. If your state did not expand Medicaid and you do not qualify for any standards, you can receive care at a nearby community health center. The health care law has expanded funding to community health centers, which provide primary care for millions of Americans. Long story short, it is a great idea to always apply for medical coverage no matter your status. It is possible you qualify for more than you think! (Medicaid & Chip, If we were to lose Medicaid expansion thousands of individuals and families would lose their coverage and any chance at decent health care (50- State Look at Medicaid Expansion, 2017).

Prompt 2

Before now I had no idea what the CBO was. I know now that it stands for the Congressional Budget Office. I also know now that this senate bill will cause many deserving individuals and families to become uninsured and the ability to obtain health coverage will become much more difficult. The view of healthcare will be less of a right. As an aspiring Public Health professional, the future I see is one where everyone can find access to the services and healthcare they need to ensure healthy bodies and well-beings. I see health being a right opposed to a luxury. With a bill like this, more people will feel the bad than the few that will feel the good. We can hope that those who are still uninsured take advantage of all that we currently have before we see things change drastically.

A 50-State Look at Medicaid Expansion. (2017, July). Retrieved October 09, 2017, from

How to Qualify For Medicaid and CHIP Health Care Coverage. (n.d.). Retrieved October 09, 2017, from

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