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Thinking and Discourse

Prompt 1:

These questions are both asking the same thing, but the wording is chosen to be different. The first question is represented with vocabulary that seems to be less demanding of people and give everyone the self satisfaction of they could be the ones helping to cover health insurance. Including to themselves. The second question is worded in a more explanative sense, so I don’t know about most people on here, but I know if I see the words ‘financed by taxes’ I automatically think I am going to be paying more for something that isn’t just for me. I believe the second one draws to find more what people believe in. Only because it gives them a hint of something they may not want.

Language in consumer health now seems very important to me. It will guide people who don’t know what they’re rooting for. Or it could drown out something that could be the most important, just because it wasn’t voiced correctly. Language is a dangerous thing.


Prompt 2:

Market justice and social justice both have their fair points to argue. The difference lies within whether someone needs to (or wants to) take care of themselves or others. But in the Market, even if you make some decision it always is the right one. It is regulated by itself and represents that everything everyone has is deserved and earned by them and their actions. In society this is viewed as our default. And leads social justice onto being an alternative.

Social justice does focus on equality the same as the market, but does so by putting everyone on the same level. Everyone acquires their basic needs through which government action is necessary. Since society has an obligation to it. It shows in the community.

I learned from this post that the idea of ‘fair’ and equal are not entirely subjective, but have different angles that you can work with them from. From these ideas different ones can be formed. So the right of fairness I feel can be judged by us each time a new idea comes up.


Prompt 3:

I chose the overview of consumer health set of slides. One concept that I think is very important is understanding what consumer health really is. It includes anything that is related to and costs money. It’s about making decisions that will benefit or not benefit you. It’s about avoiding incorrect information or deception. And it’s about choosing to be able to understand what you are doing and to not be blind and alliterate.

Money is a very important concept in this field I believe. From what I understood from these slides, if people keep making money they are going to keep on wanting to do what it is to make money. Even if it poor for their health. Money keeps society on it’s feet in this day and age.

The last concept I would like to talk about is this idea of hegemony. Spontaneous consent is something in my eyes that can help or hurt someone. But generally I feel like it shouldn’t be someone’s top choice because you aren’t truly thinking of your decision. Hence the word spontaneous. But this kind of thing can lead to poor purchases and poor ideas.

Intro Post

Hello there! I am Anthony Ditore and this is my first year here at Central Washington University (and first time writing a blog) and I am currently on my 3rd year of the college experience. Being a transfer student has definitely given me a different feel for everything school related. I am oblivious at this moment as to how much of a different feel. I’ll figure it out.

Personally, I wouldn’t consider myself to be the quote-on-quote ‘healthiest’ person. My purchases reflect this statement. But I am learning what choices are the best for me. Or at least what I think are best for me. So I am as healthy as I need to be.

However, my purchases mainly consist of things that I want and not things I ‘should’ be getting for myself. I can explain this by saying my most recent trip to the grocery store. I had gone originally to get just milk, but when I was there I realized I could get some cereal as well. I decided on a cereal and grabbed two boxes because there was a sale price. Now I already have cereal in my apartment, but in my mind I wanted this specific kind, so I bought some.

To me this is not the best form of consumption and falling prey to this is something I do every time I go shopping. It isn’t a bad thing that I bought it, I just already had cereal and could have saved my money for some other food that I were to run out of later.

I would like to reflect on my past experiences and understand which purchases and what opportunities were worthwhile. I want to understand how I can change my impulses as to make my purchase and overall consumer health better.

I am a family man, and have always been. Family first. Values can be spread easily through ones family since a lot of us are around them all the time. My family has taught me certain values that I hold today.

Through the words of my family and throughout my life. I have believed that the more you give, the greater the return. Now many of you might not agree with me on this. But even if you don’t obtain some kind of material award, the feeling (to me at least) is enough sometimes.

I have not been with my family as much as I would like to. But because of this I feel like I am my own person. And as such, have realized values that I hold for myself. I believe that everyone should receive a certain equal level of trust to those they don’t know. People shouldn’t judge, unless the other person has either managed to lose another’s respect or gain another’s respect. Never judge a book by it’s cover.

The values that I hold in my life, I feel, can really relate to some rights that we have as people. They are not necessarily similar, but definitely go hand in hand. This is a world of choices. And no other right is more fit to a human than the right to govern one’s own actions. With how society is today, I feel like this is more or less repressed from what it could be as a whole. But everyone still governs there own actions, no one is constantly telling people what to do (that doesn’t mean people aren’t telling people how to act).

The other right I feel is relatable to my values is that I believe we all have a right to an opinion. And within these opinions is not how other people feel, but how you feel. When you feel strongly about your opinion, you show off this right. Your opinion may not be the most popular opinion, but in all cases just involving a single human. The opinion you have is kind of the only one that matters.

There are some rights that I believe we as humans should be able to exercise, but I don’t think that we are cut out for them. For instance, we should have the right to make our own ‘healthy decisions.’ The problem is a lot of people can be in the unknown about certain things. Meaning that they can harm themselves without even knowing. I feel like we should be able to have this right, but to me it is okay if someone else can tell me to not dress my wound with what I ‘think’ will help. I think that we should have this right but don’t because sometimes things can be out of your hands.

We all have things that we want and things that we don’t. We all pick and choose, make pros and cons lists. Another right that I believe we should have but don’t is that we should always be able to get the best. Society feels different about this in my eyes. Competitiveness drives the market, and some people just get better things than others. This is a right that we all have, in that we all are entitled to the best. However, we do not all receive the absolute best for ourselves all the time and therefore the right is not there.