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Finance Prompt 1

When it comes to financial health and decision-making, I feel it is critical to share how to be smart with your money. Especially when it comes to student loans. The Institute for college access & success gives 10 tips on how to be smart with your student loans. As a college student, I think this is quite crucial because student loans are very intimidating and one wrong move can make your financial life difficult. For example, pick a payment option that works for you or know your loans and how you can pay them off. As a consumer, I have hope in the fact that I can figure out how to work with my finances. I have family members who know how to work with finance and they can pass that knowledge with me, which will help. I think policymakers and consumers have to solve how to make things fair when it comes to financing. They have to see what can work with consumers and as the consumer, they have to figure out what policy works for them.


When it comes to planning families, they can be vulnerable to sellers trying to target them into buying unneeded things. For example, when reading Jeannette Moninger from Parent Magazine, she talks about a family who paid to store their baby’s umbilical-cord in a private bank. They were relieved that they had planned and had been smart; however, that wasn’t the case. The doctors told them their child’s umbilical-cord cannot be used due to it having a genetic defect. This, of course, upset the family and caused regret in trusting a bank that clearly created a false advertisement. This demonstrates that new families are the targets to sellers. Families want the best for their first child and to be prepared so they may consume certain things that really aren’t needed. Next was the article written by Anna Gorman called “U.S. infant mortality rate declines.” She discusses in her article about how in the past health officials would focus solely on providing quality prenatal care for mothers. However, they found out that the medical care cannot undo the lifetime of exposure to bad environments and stress that expecting mothers sometimes go through.

What I think that most pre-parents and young adult parents would like to know to make the best possible choice for themselves and children is that they don’t need to consume every little thing that sellers try to throw at them. Sellers target new parents because new parents are nervous and perhaps fearful of not being a good parent. And sellers know this and target them. What parents also should know that having a good diet (and not just during pregnancy) is beneficial for the parents and children. Parents should try to exercise, not consume any drugs/alcohol, and reduce the amount of stress they have. Also, being informed by your doctor would be important and to stay informed.

Glossary Building Part 2

When discussing consumer health, these three words pop up when scrolling through the slides in the “birth” PowerPoint. When the word contraception comes to mind, we think of sex and how to be safe about it. Fortunately, there are many meanings to this word which could be using condoms as a contraception or birth control pills. It just depends on what you use that makes this word have many meanings.


Next looking at preconception, there’s a “twist” to that as well. If we look at a poor preconceived health, that means that the parent wasn’t prepared for a birth or chose not to prepare. If we look at good preconceived health, you can see that the birth was well thought out and was prepared to be a parent. Evidence-Based is a word with many meanings as well. In health, we can see that evidence-based is used because there are many ways to express what you’re talking about and with support, you can show how valid your argument using an evidence-based discussion.



  • Contraception


  • Preconception


  • Evidence-Based

CP & R Prompt One

After reviewing a few articles under the consumer protection & regulations page, I decided to talk about the recall on Toyota vehicles that needed replaced parts for their brakes on certain vehicles. As a consumer, I do feel safe just because many car industries do recall their vehicles to have certain areas fixed on them, and fix them with no charge for you. I did not know that Toyota does not need an approval from the NHTSA to undergo such actions to their vehicles. The NHTSA would be an agency I would learn more about, just because I would like to know more about their involvement in the vehicle industry. This is something I would make all consumers aware of, which can help make certain decisions if needed.

Prompt Two CBO Report

What I learned from reading this resource that I think many consumers probably don’t know is that by 2018, about 15 million people will not be insured and it would be due mostly because those people would not have to pay a penalty for not having insurance. However, in later years, because there is lower spending on Medicaid, it would really increase the number of people without insurance. Something else that is also important is that under this legislation, premiums would increase. Premiums would be high for low-income families; therefore, they most likely will not purchase any plan and will be uninsured.

What I want to know is the statistics and estimations about this for the long run (longer than 10 years). What I also want to know is why would the government lower spending on Medicaid to balance out the cap on the deficit. Where I might find out more information is looking at government websites that discuss this further. Also, it could be found on the white house website.

Glossary Building Part 1

The three words I chose for my glossary building post I believe are important in consumer health because people should have a basic understanding of what these words mean.

  • Vaccine
  • Hegemonic
  • Consumer health


So, the first word I chose is vaccine. Vaccine is an important to have in my glossary of consumer health because it can have multiple meanings. Also, people need to consider what the consequences are to have a vaccine. Vaccines are used to provide immunity against a disease. Vaccine could also be defined as” a program designed to detect computer viruses and inactivate them” ( People also need to know that vaccines are great to provide immunity to diseases. But overtime, the issue is that the disease/bacteria get stronger because of the bacteria’s ability to grow stronger and become immune to the vaccine.


The second word is hegemonic. Hegemonic is also important for consumers to understand because it has multiple meanings. One of them is when people buy what is being sold when they don’t need it, people buy what is being sold even when it harms others, people buy what is sold, even though it messes up the world, and people keep buying what is sold without them trying to understand more about the product (The New Consumer Health Overview, slide 16). So, I think it’s important for people to know that although the products won’t make us feel good or are not good for us, as consumers, we think it’s the norm, so we do it anyways.


Consumer health is another word that should be in the glossary. It is important because if someone would have asked me last quarter what consumer health is, I would have said that consumer health is when a person (the consumer) is aware of what diet is healthy or not and which one they should follow. However, my definition would have only been one of other key factors. Consumer health is also having the fact and understanding them to make a good decision, avoiding decisions that are based on misinformation, and lastly, choosing not to be alliterate (The New Consumer Health Overview, slide two).

Thinking and Discourse Prompts

The difference between question one and question two is question two is more specific in what it is asking. Also, its clearer for the consumer because the language being used helps the consumer understand the question better. These questions show me that the importance of language in consumer health is very important. It can affect the results at the end and helps consumers correctly answer what they actually believe in.


The Social Justice vs. Market Justice helps me understand that market justice is more selfish, in a sense because it doesn’t see or hear or care at all. Whereas social justice is more for the well-being of a community than an individual. I could use this understanding to help encourage better consumer decisions in the health area of having free medical or single-payer medical for all. Market justice seems really negative about the way people live. It basically means that if you’re poor or having any sort of difficulties, it is because that person has placed themselves in that situation and therefore have no one to blame except themselves. I don’t agree with this way of thinking. Some people, I’m sure do place themselves in difficult situations however a lot of people can be born into a working-class family or just may not have the same advantages as other people do; and that’s not their fault. According to social justice, if we would have free medical for all people, that would take care of communities of people and create a better functioning society as well as equal.


The slide set that is found in the overview slides, the slideshow “The New Consumer Health-An Overview” provides good concepts. A concept that is important for me is what consumer health is. It connects to me by having the awareness of facts as a consumer. For example, reading about the market justice benefits companies when it comes to less regulations. It connects to me as a consumer because if I go to a clinic or hospital I would expect them to be able to give me facts and not deceive me or give me misinformation or anything of the sort (Slide 2).


Another concept is the example of a quote that says, “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” This can be seen in two different perspectives. In a good way, we see that small acts multiplied can better the world in several ways. In a bad way, it can make the world cruel place. This connects with me because when we look at market justice it basically means that every is on their own or that everyone has their own agenda. However, if we look at it in a social justice perspective, we see that little acts can transform a community. This connects to me as consumer because people are able to support and donate good causes to help others in the states or well as give aid internationally (Slide 11).


The last concept is the discussion of what hegemonic is. It connects with something I’ve read in class because it says that hegemonic is when you buy something that is not good for you (one of four definitions). We can see this when we eat junk food or fast food. We know its’ not good for us, yet because it is cheap or simply because we like it we eat it.  As a consumer, it connects to me because I love to eat candy. I know it’s bad for me, but I have a sweet tooth and I consumer it a lot (Slide 16).



My name is George Moreno, and I am happy to say that in two-quarters I’ll be graduating from CWU! My current major is Interdisciplinary Studies of Social Sciences (IDS for short), which consists of many careers which are up to my choosing. From taking many courses, it has led me to pursue Criminal Profiling or possibly Public Relations from the type of courses I’ve taken interest to.

When it comes to my personal consumption health status I am a total carb addict. I love my pasta’s, pizzas, and a whole lot of bread. I am aware that I should possibly cut down on bread or just carbs in general. I also have a hard time with veggies but if incorporated in a way to which I don’t see them in meals makes it easier for me to eat.

My learning goals are to get a better sense of my diet and maybe adjust it accordingly. Another is learning new ways to better control my eating habits. Two values I hold dear to my heart are one, always keeping a promise. When it comes to promises I take them very seriously. I hate to break promises (which I do not), and I hate when they are broken by others to me. The second value I have is family. Family always comes first and is always there for you. This makes family a high value in my life.

One right I know we have as humans are Freedom of speech. We have the right to say whatever we want without the fear of getting persecuted for it. The second right I know we have is Freedom of religion. We live in a country that is multi-diverse when it comes to religion and others simply don’t have one and that is ok. One right we should have is universal health care. It should be a human right to receive care that we need without having the fear of not being able to pay the medical bills. The second right we should have is a free higher education. Students are forced to pay off their debt that has increased throughout the years and has acquired no interest. No student has an amazing paying salary coming fresh out of college. So, students are in debt for decades at a time.