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Finances Prompt 1

The first article I read was the Crackdown on Cheating Companies. After reading this article it doesn’t surprise me that large companies are misclassifying their employees to save themselves some money. Companies take advantage of full-time employees without actually having to pay or offer benefits that normally would come with being a full-time employee. The next article I read was about student loan debt and how to overcome it. This article was really helpful especially for college students like us who probably all have some sort of loans out that will need to be paid back after graduation. I think it is critical for people to know about the consequences that happen when you ignore your loan payments. Personally I know there have been times in my life where I have ignored responsibilities and it only causes things to get much much worse. That why these tips were helpful! Lastly, I read the article that touched on Debt and Deceased Relatives. This article really surprised me because I honestly thought that when you die, your debt is erased, simply because well, you are dead. Who’s going to pay it? Collecting estate to pay off debt seems reasonable if the person dies, however I think going as far to collecting it from significant others is drastic. I think it’s important to know that debt collectors are only allowed to contact third parties in order to obtain contact information ONCE. Its also important to know that you are legally allowed to have collectors stop contacting you. Just make sure to send that letter and get a return receipt for proof. As a consumer, it gives me hope that there is more investigation being done on companies who are misclassifying their employees. As an employee of a really large company myself, I would have to be taken advantage of by being called a “contractor” when I am still abiding by all company rules and not my own work. I think the first step in solving these problems is creating awareness for the consumers (I did not know about this deception going on, how many others don’t?) The more consumers know about it, the more change can happen. As for policy makers, it sounds like they are headed in the right direction with investigating unlawful companies. Making stricter consequences for companies misclassifying their employees could also aid in solving this issue.

Early Life and Childhood Prompt 1

Some of the most vulnerable consumers out there are parents and future parents. Everything from pre-conception, to pregnancy, to life after birth has some sort of regime that captures the attention of parents who only want the best for their children. After reading the material from this week’s slides and readings, it is clear that there are many companies who target parents and children specifically and use advertisements in order to lure the consumer in. New parents are especially vulnerable to this because they are both excited and worried and want their children to have everything they need. Parents will spend thousands preparing for their first child only to end up donating or throwing it all out after a few short years, and as time goes on, products improve and safety regulations are updated, requiring the consumers to continue buying the newest and safest products. I once read an article that suggested parents expecting a new born baby only need a handful amount of products such as diapers and wipes, carseats, and a crib. This contrasts with today’s ways where parents will buy anything and everything they think their child may like or need.

I believe that new parents and young parents would like to know about child health and maternal health in general, and also how to maintain a healthy family after birth. They should have reliable and unbiased sources of information whether that be a clinic, their doctor, of their family. I believe they would also like to be informed on what their child needs vs. what their child wants vs. what they think their child needs and wants. This can range from things such as strollers and carseats to vaccines and medications. Mothers to be should also be informed on all of their options for birth. The article from the LA Times regarding women who have had previous C-sections stated that 45% of women who have had C-sections were interested in vaginal birth for their next pregnancy, but of those, 57% were told “no” by their doctors. All options that are safe for the mother/consumer should be introduced to her, so that she can make the best decision for her child.

Intro- Celine

Hi, my name is Celine and I’m a senior here at CWU majoring in Public Health with a specialization in Population Health and a minor in Spanish. After I graduate this Spring, I hope to complete my internship and move to California to pursue my career. I am not sure exactly what I want to do with my degree but I am very open minded and versatile so I believe I can succeed and find something to like in any job.

As a consumer, I would not say I am very aware of what I purchase but I am hoping this class will give me some insight and tips on how to be a healthier consumer. Like many others have said on here, I am a broke college student and I often opt to buy the more convenient and cheaper goods such as frozen fruits, veggies and processed foods. I admit I do eat out a lot, especially when I am on the go and I also work in a restaurant so I am always eating meals from there too!

Two values that are important to me are kindness and family. Being kind to every person regardless of any sort of characteristic is something I find very important. I always go by the saying “treat others how you would like to be treated”. My family is also very near and dear to my heart and we have a very close relationship with each other so my family values are very strong.

Two rights that I am certain about are freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Having the right to speech is important because it gives people a chance to speak out on injustice and make what ever statement you are trying to make. I know right now in the U.S. it seems as though all religions may not be “accepted”, but we really are allowed to believe and practice any religion we want to. Coming from a home with a Hindu mother and a Christian father, this right is very relevant in my life.

One right I think we should have are the right to health care Healthcare is important because there any many people without it who cant afford preventative care, so they often end up in a more expensive treatment paid for by taxpayers. If we invest in primary care, our health as a nation would eventually get better. I also think that everyone should have an equal opportunity to obtain a not only primary and secondary education, but college as well (without having to spend an arm and a leg).