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Finance: Prompt 2

Personally, both articles were easier to read than I thought they were going to be but for some reason 4 Reasons Against the Fiduciary Rule Debunked was a little easier for me to understand and grasp the concept of what we are supposed to be learning about this week. The Fiduciary Rule is basically all financial advisors helping there clients save money need to have the clients best interest in mind instead of there own.

What I don’t really understand is how someone can be so cruel in there job. No matter what your job is whether it is a teacher, CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant), social worker or even a manager at Walmart, you ALWAYS have someone else best interest in mind because it is part of your job! The second you put yourself first is when you lose your job. How can someone keep there job when they aren’t even doing the main portion of it which is help there client save money.

If I had to chose one of the articles that was easier for the consumer to understand it would be 4 Reasons Against the Fiduciary Rules Debunked because the lay out was easier to read, the main points they wanted to explain were very much in detail with words that were easier to understand and it explained everything as you read along. It was a tad bit longer but only because it had more explanations. I liked both articles and I really like how Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: The Retirement Industry is a Minefield — But Here’s the Answer had five main points at the end that they thought were necessary to include sort of as a reminder.

CP & R: Prompt 1

After reading and studying 3 resources that are either trying to help public health or help public safety, I decided to write about frozen foods and how they effect us as the consumers. As a college student on a budget I can’t always have the luxury of buy fresh produce like meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables. Obviously there is a lot more to fresh produce than what I have named but thats mainly what I would buy as fresh produce. If you’re like me, wanting to eat either on the go to class or quick meals because you have homework to do and practicals to study for, frozen foods are an easy option. But are they the right option? Let’s find out.

According to a four minute read on, frozen fruits and vegetables are ok because they are picked and froze while they are still ripe and so all of the nutrients is still locked inside the fruit or vegetable. Since all the the nutrients is still able to be salvaged, frozen fruits and vegetables are a good alternative especially when your favorite fruit or vegetable is out of season. Frozen foods and meals (such as tv dinners and frozen meats) on the other hand are not a great substitute. Not only are they pack with sodium but they are also at higher risk for food pathogens that can be extremely deadly. Not all frozen foods are spoiled with pathogens but if they are and you do not take the time and care to reheat properly or even have the right watt microwave, you could be effected by the invisible pathogens with out even knowing it.

My advice to you, do your research. If you are like me and after reading the article (I have provided it for you at the bottom) you still are convinced that you don’t have the time to cook a homemade meal every night, read up on your favorite frozen foods and find out what you should and shouldn’t be consuming. While you are at it, you might find a few new ones you would like to try too.


Challenge#1: Morning Routine

Wednesday: I got up around 7:30am for my 9am class. Before I do anything, I always drink about 8oz of water. I always drink water when I first wake up because I get migraines. Staying hydrated is the best way to prevent them (in my case). I jumped in the shower where I washed my hair (brushed it in the shower while conditioned sits), my body, and my face. When I got out I brushed my teeth and tongue and then I got dressed. I applied face moisturizer and little make up and made my way to the kitchen for breakfast. I had a yogurt, some more water and a small apple.

Thursday: I stayed in bed a little longer this morning because I don’t have class until 2pm, but I always have a cup of water on my bedside table so I drank that and tried to go back to sleep. I got up around 9:30am and brushed my teeth and tongue and washed my face. Sliced two small apples and dipped them in crunch peanut butter for breakfast with a glass of lemon water (because I have a kidney stone). Brushed my hair and then french braided it because I have curly hair and when I brush it dry it POOFS.

Friday: Woke up at 7:30am in preparation for my 9am class. Drank about 8oz water and then got in the shower. In the shower I washed my hair (yes, brushed it the same as I did Wednesday morning), my face and body. As soon as I was out and dry I brushed my teeth and tongue. I moisturized my face then got dressed. I put little make up on and the started cooking 2 eggs (scrambled), with a little bit of cheese on top. I also drank another glass of water with breakfast but I needed something a little more hardy so I toasted half of an english muffin and put just a little bit of butter on top. 8:30 I am out the door for my 9am class.

Saturday: I am up at the crack of dawn because my cats think its their breakfast time!! I feed them about 6:30am and drink about a full glass of water before heading back to bed. I am up again around 8:45 to start getting ready for the CWU homecoming football came. I want to be out the door by 11am, so I have plenty of time to get ready and eat. I go into the bathroom and start by washing my face (and moisturize it) and brushing my teeth and tongue.  I next brushed my hair but also straightened it. My facial moisturizer is all dry by that time so I can do my make up now. After I am all finished in the bathroom, I go to the kitchen and I don’t really feel like eating much so I eat a yogurt and a small apple cut into slices with about 1/2 a glass of water.

Sunday: I tried to sleep in today but that didn’t happen, sadly. I woke up with a little bit of a headache so I immediately drink 2 glasses of water to try and avoid a migraine. I went into the bathroom and washed my face and brush my teeth and tongue because sometime those two things help as well but no luck. I brushed my hair and put it in a bun on the top of my head. I did not feel like eating but I knew I should put something good into my system! I ate an 1/2 of an orange and 1/2 of an apple with peanut butter. I ended up taking a hot shower to see if the steam would help clear my head but no luck. Back to bed I go with high hopes I will wake up headache free!


I like to think that I have a pretty set schedule of what I do in the morning. I always brush my teeth and tongue morning and night, I always wash my face morning and night and I always drink water morning and night. If I don’t do these things, I don’t feel clean! I don’t like to brush my hair outside of the shower because of the hair type that I have. I like to wear it curly (natural) because it is healthier for my hair and less time consuming. I usually drink coffee in the morning with soy milk but I tried to cut back on that for this activity and try something new! I thought it was going to be a lot harder to stay away from coffee because caffeine really helps my headaches but as long as I stayed on top of my water intake, I was fine for the most part! This activity was fun but I don’t think I will be brushing my hair while it is dry! Oh and I’ll probably still have my morning coffee every now and then!

Health Care Prompt 2

To be completely honest, government is one of my worst subjects. Probably because I don’t fully understand it but I am willing to learn. I have never read a CBO report and with that being said, if anything I say sounds off or totally wrong please correct me because I would like to get it right. I read the article An Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute which talks about the “Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017”. When I read this article the first time I was very confused so I read it again, slowly. What I learned from this resource that other may not know is that in 2018 there will not be a penalty for not having insurance. But there will be way more people who will not have insurance.

What I would like to know more about in coordination with this report is what the government will do with all of the extra money that will be left over from cutting back on health insurance. I don’t think this is the type of information the government will release to the public until it actually happens, but if I had to name a place that I could find this information I would say it would be most likely to be heard over the news or .

Prompt 3: Birth Slides

When I think about being “informed”, it has a lot to do with what you are being informed about. But when it comes to being informed about pregnancy, there is a lot of information that is vital, from contraceptives (avoiding pregnancy) to wanting to start a family or your own (getting pregnant.  Not only do you need to be informed about how you treat your body during your pregnancy, but before and after care is also very important. Caring for yourself before, during and after will make your pregnancy less stressful and your child will most likely be healthier (if all goes as planned). Before pregnancy you need to be informed of the diet you need to have, what you can and cannot do, and the care that you put into your body (once again you are not only caring for yourself but also for your future child), the health risks for you and your future child, and obviously how much all of this will cost. There is a lot more that can be added to this list but those are some of the most important concepts that you need to understand and be informed about as a future parent.

With all that being said, planning is also a very important aspect of a pregnancy. Being informed and planning are tied very close together in pregnancy (and a lot of other subjects as well). If you are planning on having a child, you will most likely be informed on what you need to do prior, during and after. Planning for a pregnancy can go a long ways and can take a lot of time. Not only do you need to be ready financially for a child but you need to be responsible in a maturity sense as well. If you are not planning on becoming pregnant, planning is still crucial.

Being responsible fits right in with being informed and planning. If you are responsible, you will plan and get informed. It is as simple as that. Responsibility is where it all starts. Seeking care is a great way to start being responsible, even if you are not pregnant, but planning on being pregnant or just would like to avoid getting pregnant. Asking your doctor for guidance and asking about risk is a great place to start. Discussing contraceptives with your doctor or even just asking someone that you trust is also something that you should consider. Even if you don’t plan on being sexually active because being informed of all the ways to avoid pregnancy is a must when you don’t plan on becoming pregnant.

The consumers of a pregnancy are the mothers to be, fathers to be and obviously the fetus. Pregnancy is not something that should be taken lightly, not only for your sake but also for your future child. The health of the consumer is very important in pregnancy! If the mother is not healthy then that potentially means that the fetus could become unhealthy. When the fetus becomes unhealthy, it can cause an assortment of issues ranging from minor birth-defects to losing your child prematurely. Which is why we need to take all of the necessary steps before hand.


*I understand that there are situations where people are misinformed or even uninformed and I am not judging you in any way, I am just speaking of my ideal pregnancy that I would want and what I think would be best. I also think this is what most doctors would recommend.

Introduction Post:

My name is Amanda. I am a transfer student from Skagit Valley College. I have lived in Skagit Valley my entire life (almost 21 years), as much as I love my home town, I needed a break. So I decided to start fresh and go a different angle with school. My whole life I wanted to be a counselor for children in need, but now I have a sparked interest in the EMS Paramedicine program at CWU. I cannot start the program until the summer of 2018 so I decided to take a variety of classes this quarter to see if this is really what I want to do. I am taking an advanced first aid and CPR class and also a family and child life class. I am taking the family and child life class because I want to make sure I am not giving up on what I have wanted to do my entire life.

To be completely honest, I LOVE FOOD, but I am not the cleanest eater. I like to eat healthy and obviously feel cleaner when I eat clean but as a “poor college student” I do NOT have the luxury. Of course, I get tired of eating top ramen, macaroni and cheese and frozen foods but eating like Paula Dean and Rachel Ray is not something I can fit into my budget. When I think of “personal consumer health status” (I’m not even sure what that means but I am going to give it a go) I think of my overall well being (physical, psychological, spiritual and social). Physically I am a-ok! Psychologically not so much. I moved to Ellensburg not knowing anybody but my boyfriend and 2 cousins. I live off campus and it gets a little lonely at times but with school just getting started I know I will make friends soon. Spiritually I am in a good place. Socially I need some help just because I am alone 95% of the time but I know that will change soon.

Two values that I hold are love unconditionally and always bring a jacket. I believe that loving unconditionally is a great value to have because if anything were to happen, you know you did your best. A lot of great traits come along with love, such as, kindness and joy. So, with that being said, if you love unconditionally, I believe that you can be a lot happier. In my opinion, always bring a jacket is a no brainer if you live in Washington but I live by it because I am ALWAYS cold.

As humans, we have a lot of “rights”. I am certain that we all have the right to life. WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE. I am also certain that we all have the right to get married and have a family if you choose to. Now, since I don’t like getting into the legality of things I’ll share the rights I am not certain of but think humans should have. I grew up with a large family, and with that being said, I think we all have the right to our own space. Not the kind of space when you share a room with your sister and you put a line down the middle and say “you can’t cross this”, but more like you need time to your self to think about personal things or just to be by yourself because you would rather be by yourself, and that is completely ok! Another right I believe that we should have is the right to a decent living condition. Yes, I get the fact that you need a job to make money and money pays the bills and thats how the world works, but what about the underage children living on the streets because of child abuse or other family issues that they had no part in? Since they are underage, they can’t get a job. Yes, there are shelters but not enough and a lot of the time they’ll ask for money if you want a bed.