External resources – ACA vs. AHCA, now, then, what’s next?

Repeal – the basics, the complexities, the ramifications for people
Want to get a sense of what essential benefits standards repeal would mean? Here’s a quite readable brief from The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a very credible group providing public health relevant policy analysis.

Another take on essential benefits, from a newish popular press site, Vox.com

An analysis comparing the AHCA and ACA, from a new-to-me nonpartisan policy research organization.

Other Readings and Resources

The Basics and the Our Shared History – the parts most of us could be supported to understand, and may WANT To understand

How we’ve “always” (at least in our national recent memory) shared the cost burdens of health care:

Current and recent info on how the law works, the numbers, etc:

Am I paying for everyone? and everything they want? Is it unconstitutional? and other sticky stuff – such as thinking all “those people” believe the same thing, and I’ll for sure disagree…. See a problem with that? I do! Check out this surprising perspective. Oh, and those other sticky parts I mentioned above:

A Deeper Dive – for those wanting the details, ALL the details… These are long documents. Enter at your own risk. (For these you’ll even have to click again once you click on the link: Kind of the consumer health course version of a child-proof cap.)