Health Care Matters

The U.S. health care system is among the significant factors that influence health outcomes and our personal decision-making related to health.

Why start with health care and health care reform?

Two reasons, really. First, for many of us, it feels like the ultimate consumer health area, in a way. After all, we are making a choice (and – usually – paying for it!) when we seek care from a doctor or other provider.

Secondly, it’s an area of life that changed substantially a few years ago (that’s the reform piece). Many of us now have more choices than we did before, or than we realize, and most of us have a bit better situation than we did before – as far as having free or low-cost access to basic preventive care services.

Maybe there’s even a third reason: We’re paying attention now, as a nation, hearing, understanding, and believing things that may be more (or less) accurate and have more (or less) of an influence on our personal and societal decisions. No matter where you stand, you’ll want to know more about the law, about options, and about the national conversation.

Lots to talk about, think about, learn more about, and question when it comes to this area of consumer health. Dive in right HERE!