Food Matters

No matter who you are, you have an issue. It’s called food. (Btw, Lots of consumer health nuts find their way in through learning about food as a consumer health issue.)

The sugar thing – it’s everywhere, we eat way too much, and until our food labels change, it’s tough to know how much. Here are some credible folks dedicated to sugar science!

Industry influence on sugar policy (and consumption!) tend to parallel other stories of food industry power – read it and weep…added-sugar-subtracted-scienceCSDUCSReport

OTHER RESOURCES that just might help us WANT a change….:

Most of us actually want to be better informed about our choices – and keep in mind that marketers are interested in that…: Americans Support Menu Labeling

Wonder about product label claims? HealthConcernsleadtolabelclaims

Why eating veggies just isn’t good enough HealthyVegUnderminedbycompanytheykeep

Is how we’re eating really just a reflection of how we’re living? The Snackification of Everything

We eat too much, right? But we can only eat what’s THERE. Interesting analysis of dietary guidelines in comparison to the actual food supply…

Not yet interested in what influences our food choices and nutritional health? How about the same for alcohol? Want to know more about the nature of what you’re drinking? Want to be more safe, even?

How your whiskey label fools you

Like Fireball? Like propylene glycol?

Now… Let’s think a bit. What does THIS site do for/to consumers? Help? Harm? Why? How?