Finance Matters

What do people need to know about financial issues surrounding work and wages, education choices, credit, retirement savings & investing, etc? Probably LOTS more than they know now!

Take a look at some of these resources that will help build on the base in the slides:

Ever been called a contractor? Here’s a short piece on why YOU lose (possibly) and an employer WINS!

Student debt issues and a helpful resource

A Student Aid Bill of Rights – proposal and Presidential Memorandum by the Obama administration. Pretty powerful, “basic” healthy public policy around financial issues most of us face. Take a read and see what you think!

Debt collection after someone dies – tricky, sticky, and sad. Advice from the Federal Trade Commission. Do you owe? Maybe. Maybe not. Can you protect yourself from a collector? Yes.

Think you might be ready to start a business? Know someone who’s thought about one of those “Make money quick!” or “Be an owner operator of the best pizza place ever,” ads? Here’s a resource you might want to read first….

What about poverty? I mean, deep, real poverty? That can’t happen to you, right? Great! But it IS a reality for many. And there are different ways of thinking about it as well as approaches to it. Consumers might want to know. Want to think about how this might apply to all of us? Play a short game here. And visit the organization behind the game, here.