Consumer Protection and Regulation Matters

Is the law on our side? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Sometimes it may seem like it is, but it’s really not. Sometimes it’s NOT really, but industries really DO regulate themselves well in order to protect their own long-term success – and then that helps protect the public. (Means market justice is working in those cases, right?)

The following readings and resources will help you think about consumer protection and what we might wish was different, what COULD be different if we all agreed, etc.

An article  on an automobile safety recall and the interaction between industry and a government safety agency

This article discusses safety regulation changes proposed following the happy ending of an unexpected water landing, and this one  discusses what some folks believe needs to happen next, based on a more recent, and tragic, flight.

Think at all about salt as a health issue? Here’s our FDA take on it.

A longer read (not gonna lie!) about the limitations of our regulations when it comes to toxins and safety. Interesting, and not TOO difficult to read. Why don’t you browse a bit?

Think school food is bad? You should feel at least a bit better after reading about our new standards put in place in 2012. Want to know their potential fate? Keep yourself informed – and share a resource about current school food politics if you find one.

Article on how a large retailer makes a large difference when they change something for the better!

Article on when those who WORK in an industry push for change!