The Societal Information Context

What does it mean to be educated or informed, when it comes to consumer health and choices? How about empowered? Maybe you like the term engagement? If you’re talking with a public health student or professional, chances are you may get an answer that makes sense with how you understand these terms.

If, instead, you ask a marketer or someone else interested in selling you a product or service, you might get a very different idea of these terms.

Consider these examples: a home hair-coloring radio ad with a narrator expressing her desire to empower women. A soft drink industry marketing research discussing engaging and informing moms.

Truly educated, engaged, informed, and empowered consumers may make quite different decisions than those selling us stuff would hope. Decide what these terms mean to you, for your own health and that of those you love. Then go out and become educated, engaged, informed, and empowered.