Estimated Schedule and Staying on Track

Dates are for fall quarter, 2017
(Remember that you may ALWAYS post a response to more than one prompt for a given week’s topic, for extra credit/extra learning as discussed in the syllabus. Note that this opportunity is for a given week only, accepted by that week’s LC deadline, and NOT for end-of-quarter race to catch up….)

Please make use of this whole page, so that you keep a sense of ALL required components of PUBH 209 (weekly topical posts, GB posts, Photovoice, Challenge, and Peer-Review Comment)

Weekly Topical Post Deadlines
Fri/Sun (Sept 22/Sept 24) – PW and LC deadlines for Intro post
Fri/Sun (Sept 29/Oct 1) – PW and LC deadlines for Thinking and Discourse post/s
Fri/Sun (Oct 6/Oct 8) – PW and LC deadlines for Health Care post/s
Fri/Sun (Oct 13/Oct 15) – PW and LC deadlines for Consumer Protection & Regulation post/s
Fri/Sun (Oct 20/Oct 22) – PW and LC deadlines for Early Life & Childhood/Youth post/s
Fri/Sun (Oct 27/Oct 29) – PW and LC deadlines for Finance post/s
Fri/Sun (Nov 10/Nov 12)* – PW and LC deadlines for Food post/s
Fri/Sun (Nov 17/Nov 19) – PW and LC deadlines for Illness and Mortality post/s
Fri/Sun (Nov 24/Nov 26) – PW and LC deadlines for Pharmaceutical post/s
Fri/Sun (Dec 1/Dec 3) – PW and LC deadlines for Greenwashing post/s – This one’s up to you. Write a post prompt (posted as a post) and answer it for yourself, based on learning and exploring you started doing with the Greenwashing slides at the Course Slides page.

*Note – Food is such a deep, multi-faceted, and broad area in consumer health that it routinely takes more course time/energy than most people would realize. I’d love to have you spend that good time/energy, and thus am offering a “down” week as far as deadlines. Food posts are due for PW/LC deadlines Fri/Sun Nov 10 and 12, with nothing due the week of Fri/Sun Nov 3 and 5.

Glossary Building Post Deadlines – These suggested deadlines are strongly suggested; please consider sticking to them for your own success and learning, as well as for demonstration of learning!
Remember that there are five GB posts due by the end of the quarter. You will be better able to submit engaged, high-quality work that demonstrates strong learning if you produce these posts on a regular basis rather than waiting to work on them all at once during the last week of school (especially since you should, at that point, be giving attention to your Photovoice project).

Sun Oct 1 – Would be good to see a glossary post by this date. You have likely learned, or are beginning to think differently about, several terms. Do a glossary post now! As a reminder, guidelines for GB posts are here.

Sun Oct 15 – Ok, a couple of weeks later, and now would be a good time to stay on track with your second GB post.

Sun Oct 29 – Why not a third GB post this week?

Sun Nov 5 – GREAT time for your fourth GB post, right? You’re reading a lot about food, and probably finding some “new-to-you” terms that most consumers might benefit from knowing!

Sun Nov 19 – How about #5 GB post now? Before you’re working on your Photovoice project and perhaps heading for a few days away….

Remember – you must submit 5 strong GB posts by the end of the quarter. Showing that you are learning through writing them in connection with exploration of consumer health issues throughout the quarter is a much stronger approach than submitting all of them right before finals. Just sayin’….

Photovoice Deadlines – two components, due separate deadlines. See them (and the instructions) here.

Challenge Deadline – Oct 22, 10pm
There will likely be several Challenge prompts up for you in the next few weeks, at the Challenges page. Those at the page will be added by me, but your classmates will also post Challenge prompts using “Challenge” as a category. You must take on ONE Challenge and respond in writing, by Fri Nov 3 at 10pm. However, if you add a Challenge prompt for your classmates, by Oct 22 at 10pm, and then cheer on your Challengees (by personally commenting at least one time to ALL those who take on your Challenge), you’ll be able to skip a Weekly Post without grade impact!

Peer-Review Comment Deadline – Last day of the quarter, Fri Dec 8, at 4pm
Guidelines available here.