3 Guidelines and Deadlines

Details, details, details… I get it. You want to know what I expect, and how to show me you deserve an A. You will find assignment guidelines on this page. “Perfect World” deadlines are Fridays at 10pm; “Last Chance” deadlines are Sundays at 10pm.

Weekly Topical Posts
Try for the “Perfect World” deadline most weeks (Fridays, 10pm.) This means that you may feel free to get those posts off your plate and know you’re contributing to a growing discussion in an early/timely manner. If you instead hit the “Last Chance” deadline (Sundays, 10pm) you are simply (I anticipate) coming in strong but a little tardy, maybe at the last minute. Good contributions mean you are still worthy as a colleague, because – even though you rushed to contribute – you’re spot-on, thoughtful, and sometimes raising questions that others haven’t thought of.
Remember, often there will be more than one prompt option to respond to – there may even be more posted later, after we’ve technically moved on from a topic. If one interests you more, choose it. If one interests you a lot but you’ve already posted, feel free to explore that topic from a new angle – extra work in public health is always tied to extra learning, especially when it comes to consumer health!

Glossary Building
Guidelines will be provided.

Guidelines will be provided