4 Course Slides

Overview Slides – These slides introduce you to the ways I think of consumer health, and how public health theories and models are relevant for us in this realm. They also start getting us talking about health care reform and the Affordable Care Act (our current federal healthcare regulation).

MoreACA_Slides_Sp2016 – just like it sounds, these slides work more with the ACA and give you some inside scoop as to the political nature of the law and its history. It may or may not interest you immediately, but chances are it will get you thinking more about how not much is very cut and dried in consumer health. Most of what we deal with are issues that are situated in our sociopolitical context.



greenwashingslides_summer2017 – go here next! Lots of times, a person’s “way in” to consumer health is through environmental issues and concerns. Here’s the bad news….