Health Care prompts

Prompt One

Ok, you’ve read and explored at least three Health Care Matters resources. You decide to tell a close friend what you believe is 1) the best aspect of the ACA (the current federal law) and 2) the best opportunity for improving how the law works for the ordinary consumer.

What is most important to share with your friend? What will she probably find most difficult to understand? What resources will she find helpful, and why? Be sure to cite all sources you refer to, in APA style*, and list them at the end of your post as APA-style references.

*Note – if you haven’t used APA style before, it’s pretty straightforward. Paying attention to three big-picture rules will help show you “get” it:
1) Use (Smith & Jones, 2013), for example, as your citation information within a paragraph. 2) List references in alpha order by author last name, or by agency/organization if that’s the “author.” 3) Lead the reader as close as possible to where you found the information. So if it’s a web source with labeled sections, your citation looks like this: (Smith & Jones, 2013, Health Care section), for example.


Prompt Two

Have you ever read a CBO report, or even a summary of one? Do you know what the CBO is? Consumers really should know about this important piece of our federal government.  CBO stands for Congressional Budget Office, and it provides nonpartisan (meaning not slanted toward either party) information and analyses surrounding bills and laws. Take a look at this agency’s take on the proposed American Health Care Act, that, if signed into law, would replace the ACA. Once you’ve read at least a bit of it, respond to the questions below.

What did you learn reading this resource that you think many consumers probably don’t know? What do you want to know now? Where might you find out more?