Illness and Mortality Prompts

Choose at least one of the following to respond to. Remember that, at this point, you should be citing sources and being fairly formal with your language and format.

Prompt One

Basic consumer help for illness, long-term care, and death and dying choices: Visit at least one state agency website, or an advocacy group’s site, whether one I’ve provided or one you found on your own. Look at it with the eyes of an uninformed consumer attempting to make the best choices possible for his or her loved one. What do you find that’s immediately helpful? What’s less helpful or leads to more questions than answers? Where else would you suggest people look?

Prompt Two

Myths and facts about long-term care options, death, and dying: Consider the resources I’ve posted around illness and mortality. Now that you know more, likely, than most people do before they face these issues, what do you think are the three biggest “myths” people probably believe if they do not read up on these issues? What are the “facts”? How difficult or easy is it to distinguish myth from fact in this realm of consumer life? What’s next for those of us wanting to help consumers sort through the overwhelming amount of information and make the best decisions possible during this vulnerable life stage?