Food Prompts

Prompt One

Consider at least three resources from the Food Matters page. What information is new to you as an eater? How concerning is this information and what might you do with it, either for yourself or someone you care about? What policy decisions appear to affect people’s choices and health outcomes around your area of concern? If people are less well informed than you, what do you think their responses might be when you tell them about this information?

Prompt Two

Moderation is a term often used by nutrition-related professionals, and it is a term that has influenced both our food guidelines and our individual behaviors around food. Read this quick take on the issues with the concept of moderation. What is your reaction? Reading the example of a not-very-moderate food week that “feels” moderate, do you see yourself in it? Are you, as a lot of us, practicing somewhat meaningless “moderation” – and perhaps increasing your risk of chronic, diet-related disease? What is your next step, if you were planning to take this aspect of consumer health seriously?

Prompt Three

Visit the GM Foods page at my Politics of Food and Health course site, here. Take a look at a piece of the GM “debate” that interests you, whether it’s labeling, regulation of crop planting, the “Green Revolution” and “Golden Rice” aspects, or newer considerations of food sovereignty, or some other aspect. If you want simply to review a part of the document that may help you or a typical consumer find a readable “way in,” here it is. Note that these aspects and my approach to them are about the social and economic issues, and move far afield from the “no evidence about acute harm to humans” aspect.

Ok, once you’ve read all you want to read, respond to the following:

  • What interests you most and why?
  • What contradicts what you knew, or believed you knew, and how?
  • What do you want to know NOW?
  • Where will you find it?
  • What next – for you, or for other consumers?