Finance Prompts

Prompt One

In your use of the PUBH 209 course materials, what have you learned about financial health and decision-making that you feel is critical to share with others? What gives you hope, as a consumer? What do you believe will take major work by 1) policymakers and 2) consumers in order to solve?

In your response, please show that you have given attention to at least three of the Finance Matters content page readings or other resources, as well as to the Finance_2017 slides at the Course Slides page!

Prompt Two

Consider these two resources: 1) the Public Interest Research Group’s tutorial on John Oliver’s Retirement Income episode and the Fiduciary Rule, and 2) an investment advising company’s “debunking” of the arguments against the Fiduciary Rule. Both seem to come down on the same side. First of all, what IS the Fiduciary Rule? Does either resource do a better job at the explanation, from a consumer’s point of view? If so, which one? Why?

In your response, please show your use and understanding of the resources!