1 Getting Started in PUBH 209 work

Welcome. This content is really cool, if you haven’t heard/read me saying that enough yet. If you’re enrolled in class this quarter, you’ll have had introductory/welcome emails from me and an invitation from wordpress, that reads something like this: “Welcome to PUBH 209 – you get to be an author at a publicly viewable space, Consuming Health Matters. I look forward to sharing the vast and aggravatingly complex world of consumer health with you this fall, and to having new learning happen for both of us. Again, welcome. Set up your account, log in for the first time, and let me know if you’re having any trouble adjusting to what may be a new paradigm for you. We’ll talk tomorrow, Friday, or some other time soon.  –Dr. P”

So, do that if you have not already.

Once you have the lay of the land and have set yourself up as an author here, it’s time to post your intro!

Here’s what I’d like to have you address:
The Intro Post
Introduce yourself. Remember to please avoid identifying yourself fully. (I know that many of you provide personal details on a regular basis online in your personal life, but I encourage you to NOT do that as part of this course.) Oh, yeah – also remember that, in order to have me grade your posts, you MUST use your username as a tag, and choose an appropriate category. In this case, the category would be “Intros”- get it?

Not sure how to add tags and categories? See my guide, OR see the image below. Note: The “Update” button at the top right is what you see when you go to edit a post. When you’re initially writing your post, that button will say “Publish” instead.


Ok, back to what I’d like to see in your Intro. Describe who you are right now (today, this quarter, this year). Tell us about your personal consumer health status as you view it. Give us a sense of your learning goals, and then tell us a bit more.
Here’s the bit more: What are two values you hold? What are two rights you are certain we (as humans and/or as Americans) have? What are two OTHER rights you believe we SHOULD have (but are not sure we DO have)?