Pharmaceutical Industry Prompt 2

While browsing the FDA website about DTC prescription drug advertising, I came across a tab labeled, “Prescription Drug Advertising: Questions to Ask Yourself.”  In my opinion that was the most relevant section of the website.  I feel this way because it really makes you think more about the drugs that you put into your body.  I think that a lot of times people will go off of the advice and suggestions of their doctors because they trust them; after all, they are professionals.  But, doctors make mistakes too.  It is very beneficial to ask all of the right questions before starting a medication.  It could be likely that one of the questions asked sparks a thought or memory in the doctor’s head.  The doctor could then suggest an alternative medication due to the fact that the one he/she suggested before really would not work for that person.  I really like that the FDA website lays out a handful of helpful questions to ask the doctor.  Any of those questions can really stop a person’s health from declining or not improving due to human error.

Consumers may still be at risk of the rising costs of medications.  As pointed out in the slide, drugs are frequently patented.  A patented drug is more expensive.  The risk is that a high-risk pregnancy may cost $1,000’s.

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