Food Prompt 2

The article Why “Everything in Moderation” Doesn’t Work is a great article for explaining why moderation isn’t always a good thing. I definitely see myself as part of the group who attempts to eat in moderation, at times, my menu looks the same as the one listed in the article. This article opened my eyes to exactly what moderation should be. I fall under the category of thinking, “since it has been a week since I had a donut, I can indulge on something else now.” But, as the article puts it, having any type of junk food once a day isn’t considered moderation, it is considered a lifestyle (Ross, 2015). I never thought of it like that. I just figured that if I cut back on my sugar intake then I would be consuming it in moderation.

I would assume that I am at an increased risk for chronic, diet-related disease because I do enjoy sugar; probably too much. The article mentions that even if you eat healthfully most of the day, but have a treat each day, that your body is creating an imbalance (Ross, 2015). This imbalance leads to over-indulgence many times. The over-indulgence can lead to a lifestyle of overeating. My take-away from this article is that eating a piece of junk food everyday is not healthful and eventually it will lead to long term diet-related illness. The best method is to cut out junk food completely and never indulge in it.

Ross, J. ( 2015). Why “Everything in Moderation” Doesn’t Work. Greatist.

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