Green Challenge


After considering and consciously choosing everything I purchased and every way I spend my time for the past 48 hours, I came to the conclusion that I do want something different. Even though I feel like I have limited myself to only purchase items that I consider to be needed for a couple of years now, I still buy many things that would be consider a want rather than a need. So, what I would do different when it comes to goods and services that I purchase, it would be to really make sure that what I am purchasing is necessary and to always choose the product or service that has the least impact on the planet or on someone else.

Also, I have noticed that I have been eating food from fast food restaurants very often, and something different I would do to change that is to pack my lunch at home so that I am limiting the things that I buy so that I only buy what I truly need. Moreover,  I would want to use my time more wisely and limit the time I spend using the internet for entertaining purposes. And to spend the majority of my time using the internet to gather information that I can benefit from. What keeps me from making this change I believe is the lack of information about the impact every product we buy has on the planet or on someone else as well as the determination to make this change.

Making this change in my life would result in a healthier diet, and a more productive time management that would probably reduce stress. I believe this change would help me to live happier,  be healthier, save money, and reduce the adverse impact my consumer choices have on the planet or other people. Therefore,I would definitely would want this change in my life.

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