Greenwashing Post Prompt 1

Greenwashing Prompt  

Prompt one

Discuss three things you learned after exploring the greenwashing course slides.

Where can you find more information about being “green”?


After exploring the greenwashing course slides I learned that green means that there are products and services that claim to  be ethical, sustainable, responsible and green environmental friendly. And, that sustainable consumers try to satisfy their own needs without loosing sight of the needs of others in a long term. As a result this idea of sustainability has spread to mean conscious or concerned.

Also, I found interesting that the majority of us can’t opt out of consuming because we cant buy absolutely nothing and that we cant make absolutely everything we need.

Another thing I learned from the greenwashing course slides is that every product and most services we purchase have at least some impact on the planet or on someone else even those that claim to be green. Therefore, the best option we have is to learn how we can lessen our impacts and to be more conscious about what is truly needed versus what we want as buying less would be considered a greener option. is a website where we can find more information about making green choices.


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