Glossary Building 3

Glossary building #3


As a consumer I believe I would like to have access to  information about the safety, effectiveness and security of the products that I consume. So, after looking at the pharmaceutical slides I came across different terms which I believe are important to know for consumer in order to make wise choices when purchasing different products.

  • FDA:

The food and Drug administration protects public health by assuring safety,     effectiveness and security of a wide range of products including prescription drugs. Also, it oversees the approval and marketing of prescription drugs.


  • DTC Ads: Direct to consumer advertising, is a new area of prescription drug promotion. Direct-to-consumer advertising has been legal in the USA since 1985. These DTC Ads must have a brief summary in print, list of side effects on TV ads. TV ads can include only most important risks, as long as  information on how to get more information.


  • Product Claim: Name a drug, condition, discuss benefits and risks.

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