Glossary Building One

Glossary Building #1

I believe that everyone should be able to have the necessary information to make the healthiest choices therefore it is extremely important that we know what consumer health is and how we can have a better understanding of consumer health. I chose some words that would probably help to have a better understanding of the things that influence our everyday choices, life and health.

  • Market:

A powerful concept that influences our lives, health, and choices everyday. This concept influences much more than our individual life outcomes, it tells us how to think as a nation, as a society of individuals making decisions.

  • Market Justice:

Market justice suggests that fairness in the world is not really possible or maybe not even ideal. People that trade money for products and services, money they originally got by trading their time, labor and sometimes skills for it. In this view  fair outcomes are based on what a person or group earns by choosing healthy behaviors.

  • Social Justice:

Social Justice suggests that  societies have a responsibility to help ensure fair outcomes for all. In this view outcomes are actively fair based in policies or processes that allow for or provide equitable benefits and risks or  harm to all.



The “market” as part of the consumer health context. (n.d.). Retrieved April 04, 2018, from



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