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Photo Voice

Photo Voice:

For my photo voice project I decided to go with a topic that I can talk about practically all day- Cosmetics. I know that other classmates have chosen this topic, but I think that it is still a great topic for me to explore, considering that I purchase makeup at least once a month. The questions that I would like to ask and get answers to are:


What choices do I have? Who’s selling me what?

Often times I find myself shopping at Sephora, a makeup store known as a “high end” cosmetic store. It is considered high-end, because its prices can vary anywhere from 5-10 dollars, to over 200 dollars per item. There are a few benefits for those who shop at Sephora, MAC or other beauty retailers that are not offered at the drugstore, like exchanges on makeup that has already been open, offers on returning used makeup to exchange it for a different one, point reward systems, and the possibility of trying it on before buying. As a consumer, this type of store is great, because you know that you don’t necessarily have to buy several of one in order to find the one for you. Being able to try makeup and then returning it if it doesn’t work for you is a great benefit, as we all have different types of skin, and therefore different types of products that will work for our skin. The downside of having the ability to return items, and try them on, is that for someone that consumes too much of one thing, is that you are enabling yourself to continue the purchasing. Another great thing about this website, besides the fact that for someone who really enjoys cosmetics over consumes them, most of these websites also offer information on the ingredients list. This makes it both convenient from the health perspective, and also from a consumer perspective because you can decide for yourself if the products are worth the price. This type of information can provide help to a consumer that may not be so familiar with cosmetics industry, or for someone who plans on purchasing cosmetics for friends and family. If someone is unsure about where to begin, they can also go in store to see for themselves what the industry offers (free samples, store assistance, ingredient list), or they can also read more online and on the website if they want to know if a product is cruelty free.