The first image below is of a can of soup, 8 ounces of soup cost $3.29.

The second image below is of a box of granola bars, the box cost $5.09.

The third image below is of a box of single serving instant macaroni and cheese, this cost $3.59.

These images represent the high prices of gluten free options on campus. The images were taken at the C-Store in the SURC. Not only were the foods priced highly but there were so few options that I could only take a few pictures. The questions I chose to address with these photos were “what options do I have?” and “who has the upper hand and how?”. To answer the first one, I went to the C-Store to see what options students on a meal plan had, which were very few and far between. Only one individual shelf had gluten free options that were labeled and certified gluten free. It is obvious to see who has the upper hand in this situation – the producers and the sellers. Most individuals that eat gluten free do not do so by choice and must buy the overpriced items in order to eat. I have experienced this myself as well as my mom and some of my coworkers.

Taking these pictures did not really open my eyes to anything I didn’t know before because I have lived gluten free for years and I understand how we are a trapped market. I believe any individual that has never thought about consumer health or had to think about being gluten free would benefit from this project because it would make them pay attention to what other consumers have to deal with every time they go to the store. I believe that these images will give other readers the opportunity to understand and see what individuals that live gluten free experience when they go shopping – including the high prices for smaller amounts of food.

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