Glossary Post 3

For this glossary post I chose the three words below to define more –

  1. Morbidity
  2. Mortality
  3. Moral Obligation

Morbidity can mean two things. The first is a state of disease or illness. Oftentimes a morbidity is something that will lead to mortality. Morbidity can also be the incidence of an illness in a community. The morbidity rate takes into account the individuals afflicted with the illness and those who are healthy.

Mortality is the ratio of actual deaths to expected deaths. Mortality is often related to death rate. Often times mortality is spoken about when someone has a near death experience that “makes them understand their own mortality”.

Moral Obligations are those obligations that come from a belief of what is right and what is wrong. Most times the obligation arises from ethical beliefs. However, each individual has different moral obligations because everyone’s morals and ethics are slightly different.

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