Peer Review Post

For my peer review post, I reviewed bmooreee’s post, “Illness and Mortality #1.”

From reading this contribution, I learned that the WA State Social Services on Elderly Care provided information about services that are available for the elderly, and how they can be paid for.

It would be good for an adult looking for information for an older family member to read this contribution, because it provides helpful information on whether or not the website is useful or not.

The strongest (or most credible) part of this contribution is where the website was criticized. I think many people who read through the website would be wondering the same thing, as to why they didn’t provide any more information about where the services were available.

The weakest part (or something that someone might question) about this contribution is I think it would have been helpful to state which pages this information was found on about services offered, costs, etc. I also suggest that this paragraph could have been broken down into 2-3 paragraphs because it is pretty long and has different topics.

I found a couple typos, spelling, grammar, &/or punctuation errors. “If I were to be looking for services for my loved on…”, “on” was misspelled for “one”. I also saw that the word “county” wasn’t capitalized for “King County”, and “Pierce County”, when they should have been because they are proper nouns.

One part that made me want to read more on this topic is the PACE Program because it could be offered in other locations.

On a 1 to 4 scale where 1 is the lowest possible and 4 is the highest possible, I rate this contribution a 3 overall, because very beneficial and important information was provided, but the paragraph could have been broken up so it would be easier to follow.

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