Glossary Post 2

After reviewing the Babies Etc. slides again, I have chosen terms from that section for my second glossary post. Of course the babies and small children themselves are included in the list of consumers, however it is mostly up to parents and other guardians to make smart and healthy choices for this demographic. The terms I chose are:

Pediatric: The definition of pediatric refers to anyone under the age of an adult. Most may think of pediatric as small children and babies only, but for myself as a healthcare provider I think of it in the terms of healthcare guidelines. Technically, patients under 18 can still be seen at a pediatric hospital. However, during patient care when we refer to ‘peds’ or pediatrics, we are referring to small children. This is important to consumers in that parents can choose to have their adolescents seen by specialty hospitals (such as Seattle Children’s)

Nutrition: As consumers, parents and children alike, one of the most important aspects of  a healthy lifestyle is food. The decision of what to put into your child’s body should come from a well-informed consumer standpoint. Proper nutrition provides a healthy immune system and creates good future habits. Organic foods as opposed to loads of processed foods will be a much better consumer choice for your child. Nutrition, coupled with exercise, fights conditions such as childhood obesity and diabetes which are becoming rampant in the US.

Chemicals: Lastly, ourselves and our children are exposed to several chemicals daily. As smart consumers, we can alleviate the level of exposure with our choices. As the lecture says, we must be aware of the environment our children are in. An example, BPA can be found in some baby bottles and other dishware. Luckily, WA is the 2nd state to ban BPA from these products (found in the lecture.) Smart consumer decisions include being conscious of the possible chemicals in the plastic products your children are using, or the location of chemical industrial plants etc. in the area around their schools.


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