Final Project

BIMG_0250eing a college student that lives on her own, learning how to make the right decisions for myself as a consumer was very difficult. I had to determine what would be money saving but would also be good for my body. When going grocery shopping for the first time that I had moved out, I was overwhelmed and I still get that way sometimes. I am constantly wondering what my choices are when trying to buy food. In my head, I am asking myself if I want to buy the pasta, sauce, eggs, vegetables, etc. or should I just eat out at cheap places during the week to save time. However, that option is not money saving and is not healthy – it is only beneficial if I am not wanting to cook.IMG_0253

Many people are in the same boat that I am when it comes to being a consumer. We always want our moneys’ worth but we also want good products and services. However, we also factor in what is worth our time. To further elaborate, let me explain with some photos that I had taken while grocery shopping at Whole Foods. Whole Foods has a good reputation when it comes to being environmentally friendly,


IMG_0249but not so much when it comes to being wallet friendly. As you can see from the prices listed below some of the Whole Foods items, they are little bit more than what most consumers will pay for. In contrast to them, Trader Joes had some frozen vegetables that were still a bit pricey but more reasonable than the price listed at Whole Foods. Trying to be healthy should not mean that it has to be expensive either. This is why many consumers feel that trying to be healthy is a struggle due to the price tag attached to the organic vegetable or meat, for example.Then once you leave Whole Foods or Trader Joes, you realize that you are hungry because you just spent an hour or so looking at all of the products that you will take home and prepare for a meal. But, what if you are so hungry you cannot wait and what immediate gratification with a meal. This is where fast food places come into play – because they are quick and satisfy the taste buds in a timely manner.


McDonald’s, the most well-known contributor on Earth, is very easy to spot in any town or city. Looking at the image of their menu and comparing it to the prices of the frozen vegetables, which one looks like a better option money-wise? McDonald’s does, obviously – and it is a whole meal for roughly seven dollars. This is why being unhealthy is easier – it is cheaper and convenient. Being healthy not only costs a bit more money, but also costs time for the consumer. The choices for being healthy are plentiful  but the options are also just as plentiful for being unhealthy.

IMG_0261Consumers need to consider their health but also should be cautious about what they are spending their money on. I do not shop at Whole Foods on a regular basis, but I do appreciate the products they carry and the numerous healthy options available. As a consumer, I think it is just smart to know what you are putting your money towards and to know all of your options available to you.


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